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The basis for everything I do, is always based upon listening to your own gut and letting your own intuition and body wisdom guide you. Why? Because no expert, or specialist, or PhD knows your body better than you do. No one knows your higher purpose and passions better than you do. Your conscious mind may not know, yet. But your body and your spiritual self know. So in all things, Listen To Your Gut (LTYG). Because it will never steer you wrong. And then combine that with research, reason and trial-testing and you'll be unstoppable!

I'm here to help you connect to your inner strength, your own body wisdom, and then to give you the tools you need to make your vision (for healing, for growth, for wholeness) a reality. Because the more you align with your core self, the more freedom you'll have in your daily life. And the more freedom you have, the more joy you'll have – in each and every day. And that, I firmly believe, is the point of life. It's why we're all here.


About Jini


"You'll never be able to have kids, or hold down a job, you'll be in and out of the hospital for the rest of your life, but you'll qualify for disability insurance."

That was the pronouncement my doctor gave me back in 1986 after diagnosing me with a supposedly incurable disease (widespread Crohn's disease). I'm thankful the GI was so blunt and honest with me about my chances for recovery within the med/pharma system, because it really gave me the motivation to do whatever it took to heal myself!

After healing myself (I have been 100% drug and surgery-free for over 20 years), I made my healing methods available to other people with ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, diverticulitis and IBS. Since then, my first book, Listen To Your Gut, has become an international bestseller and I've appeared on numerous podcasts, radio, and TV shows throughout the U.S., Canada, the UK and Australia, offering hope and practical tools for people with IBD and IBS.

I live with my husband and 3 children, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 11 horses in Langley, BC, Canada. You will see my kids pop up in my videos from time to time - helping me demo things for you - and I'm currently shooting a healing workshop series with my horses. Equines are incredible teachers and healing facilitators - I'm excited to share their gifts with you soon!

Jini's Herd of Horses

Back in 2007, I started creating resources for my readers who were already healed of their digestive disease, but wanted to progress even further into full-body, vibrant living. There is a huge difference between being disease-free and being vibrantly healthy. In the years since then, we have amassed fantastic resources like teleseminars, podcasts, videos etc. all dealing with very specific aspects of optimal health – like safe detox and pH balance, emotional and spiritual healing, hormone balance, dental health, etc. I have made all these fantastic resources also available to you on this LTYG site. Many of these resources are available for free on my blog - just enter your question or keyword into the Search box. Or you can start with the Teleseminar section, or the Book section.

Everything that I've done, since I published my first book back in 2000, has been in response to things I needed in my own life, or things my readers have asked me to do. That's how my LTYG Shoppe came into being. My overseas readers in places like Slovakia and Hong Kong were emailing me saying, "The shipping charges are killing me! Isn't there just ONE place I can go to get all the supplements recommended in your books – rather than having to order from 10 different companies?" After setting up the Shoppe, it grew so quickly that my husband Ian closed down his business to come and run it for us.

Jini Family

Likewise, the supplements that I have formulated (like Absorb Plus, FissureCalm, MucosaCalm, etc.) also came from need – I needed these things to heal myself and they didn't exist. So I created them, and Imix Nutrition manufactures and makes them available to others who are suffering.

My hope for you is that you can learn to connect with and listen to the amazing wisdom contained in your own gut. You may call this your body wisdom, intuition, precognition, a hunch, or the still small voice. Whatever! Just open to it and begin to trust and by listening to your gut you will move closer and closer to the fullest, most amazing expression of yourself on this earth. Someone that is strong, healthy, vibrant, joyful, playful, adventurous and filled with peace.... Soar Higher!

8 Key Steps to Healing Any Gut Dis-ease

The eight key steps for root-level, whole body healing of IBD are:

  1. Provide bowel rest using a liquid diet
  2. Eliminate the disease-causing bad bacteria and fungus in the gut
  3. Re-populate the gastrointestinal tract with good bacteria
  4. Heal intestinal inflammation and ulceration
  5. Resolve nutritional deficiencies
  6. Detox your living environment
  7. Address the emotional factors underlying your disease
  8. Balance your hormones

Full instructions, explanations and dosages for each of these healing steps are contained in my internationally bestselling book, Listen To Your Gut. Watch this video as I tell you my healing story and walk you through each of these 8 steps, with a Q&A from the audience at the end:

I designed this site to have lots of free information and resources on a variety of ailments and conditions. So take your time, look around, and sign up for whichever courses, newsletters, or free reports catch your interest. I also post lots of free information including reports, recipes, videos and teleseminars on my blog and YouTube channel.

Jini's Favorite Healing Resources

Jini's Path to Health - Absorb Plus
Jini loves to mix 2 scoops of Chocolate Royale and 2 scoops of Berry Fusion to create a delicious Chocolate Raspbery Shake. Then she adds CoQ10, pycnogenol, quercetin and Udo's Oil = Health in a glass!
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