A Note About Success Stories: We do not list people's full names or city for privacy reasons – bowel and colon conditions are very personal, and people may be discriminated against (for example at work). These results are for informational purposes only - we're sharing them with you so you can see the potential of these treatment protocols. We are not making guarantees or promises that you will be able to achieve the same level of success we have. We're only trying to help you understand what may be possible if you use Jini’s natural remedies and treatments just as she describes.

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Listen to Your IBS
G.H., California
I've had two serious bouts of "don't really know what it is or what's causing it"; more blood tests than I care to think about and two "nothing conclusive" colonoscopies (the first in 1997 and the second in 2003).  Eating became a nightmare instead of a joy so I pretty much gave it up. With this last episode I lost over 20 pounds in less than three months which was pretty scary. I am now not taking any drugs and I can eat anything I want whenever I want. I am convinced that with the daily combination of Absorb Plus and probiotics I am recovered and don't plan to make any changes from here on out.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ...
M.M., B.C., Canada
I heard about Absorb Plus from a friend who has Crohn's disease. Having suffered with IBS for years, I was curious to learn more about this product. I bought Jini Patel Thompson's excellent book, Listen to Your Gut, and read all the information on your website.   My doctor sent me to a gastroenterologist for testing and I was told that I had inflammation and ulceration of the colon, consistent with some form of colitis. After the procedure, I immediately went on the elemental diet as described in Jini's books, drinking 3-4 Absorb Plus shakes with flax oil and iron every day for a week. It was easy to do, as the shakes were delicious and left me feeling full and satisfied...
S.R., Missouri, USA
In my long journey with IBS, your book/forums have been more productive than my 30 years of docs/experiments with drugs, supplements, put together!
Max R., Dublin, Ireland
I was told I would need to take pills for the rest of my life...
Catherine G., Vancouver, Canada
My diarrhea of ten years stopped within three weeks!...
Lisa D., Edinburgh, Scotland
I feel great and am not experiencing any symptoms. At particularly stressful times, such as exams...
Mike N., Texas, USA
I've greatly reduced my medication and am feeling better! I have found the book VERY helpful...
Debbie F., Arizona, USA
Within 3 weeks the pain is gone, burning has eased, nausea subsided and the dreadful diarrhea is gone!...
R.B., BC, Canada
I am 37 years old and I have IBS. I developed this condition almost 5 years ago by a way I never thought imaginable...
R.B., Australia
This is the best and most informative book that I have read on this subject by a "country mile"!
Ed S., USA
Thanks for the supportive info.
Have been using Wild Oregano Oil more for a while now, after hearing more about it in Jini's IBS book.
L.T. Puerto Rico
I can't tell how much this,  the colonic massage video and your book Listen to Your IBS has helped me. About 7 months ago I started to feel like I was going a little bit more than usual to the bathroom, but it wasn't until 3 months ago that I started to feel the horrible symptoms of IBS-D (constant diahrrea, anxiety and panic attacks, malnutrition since I could not eat well, etc). I was having about 10 bowel movements per day and even had to quit my job (I worked in a place that youu had to be completly aseptic) as my doctors were doing all the tests and everything came back negative and they could not find a cause of it. At the end my GI diagnosed me with IBS and I started treatment right away, but even though the treatment was helping, I knew that it was not helping me heal completly as I wanted because as she said, "I can only help you alliviate the symptoms so you can have a more stable life, and this part of the treatment is up to you as I could take the medicine as I felt the symptoms but is up to you to take the correct care of your body". I know that our body has the capacity to heal itself (it takes time, you know) and as I was researching for this disease, I came across with this video. I decided to go further and saw your book, and started reading it. I started implementing all the things you wrote, like the probiotics, vitamins and supplements, as well as the diets, and could notice the improvement within a week and a half. I started alternating my IBS medicine with this holistic approach, and now I have been "drug free" for about 3 weeks. I know it is not that much of a time, but I can tell the difference is BIG. Thats why I cant tell you how grateful I am that I came across this video, and I know we all pass through difficulties in our lives, but is because of that that we can help others in need. And you helped me, as you gave the correct tools that I needed so that I could start giving them to my body so it could start heal itself.

Love it!  I've had IBS for several years now...

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