A Note About Success Stories: We do not list people's full names or city for privacy reasons – bowel and colon conditions are very personal, and people may be discriminated against (for example at work). These results are for informational purposes only - we're sharing them with you so you can see the potential of these treatment protocols. We are not making guarantees or promises that you will be able to achieve the same level of success we have. We're only trying to help you understand what may be possible if you use Jini’s natural remedies and treatments just as she describes.

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J.P., California, USA
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I have better health now, then before I got the disease! Basically I’m calling because when I read this book I was in bed and I weighed about 129 pounds. And I had lost 45 pounds leading up to that and was just so weak and couldn’t move. I kind of felt like my entire life was going to be about that...


M.J., Australia
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My colon has been in remission for six years now. I was diagnosed with a colon lesion in 2002, after a whole year of being in so much pain. They couldn't see what was wrong with me because I was pregnant at the time. So when my daughter was two months old I had my colonoscopy and they found out that I did have Crohn's ulceration in my ileum...
D.W., Australia
They haven't found any Crohn's. Jini & the team have certainly put in a huge amount of effort to produce the books. Finally somewhere to get information that doctors couldn't (but should) provide...
M.D., British Columbia, Canada
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I've recommended your book to many, many people. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis probably two, two and half years ago and was put on drugs and all kinds of things that worked a little bit but were very - had horrible side effects...
D.B., Ohio, USA
My son is graduating from College tomorrow! Our family is indebted to you that much and more. You are definitely one of my very favorite people in the whole world. Why? Well our youngest son, J., was diagnosed as having ulcerative colitis when he was 18...
N.P., Massachusetts, USA
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I'm vibrant, healthy, went back to school and started my own business! Listen To Your Gut covers the full spectrum and really it worked for me. I went from feeling like one of the living dead with Crohn's Disease to being vibrant and healthy and ready to embark on new adventures...
M.N., California, USA
I am like a normal, healthy person again. I come from Slovakia and my problems started 7 years ago after stressful period of my life. At the beginning I had only mild inflammation, and after colonoscopy was diagnosed with proctitis...
B.S., Quebec, Canada
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If you are seriously are looking to heal yourself, order Jini's book. I was very sick and diagnosed with 80% ulcerative colitis in December 2006...
S.P., California, USA
Thank you thank you Jini. My difficult GI symptoms such as chronic alternating constipation/soft stools and excess flatus & pain resolved 90-95% after a 6 day "fast" with protein shakes & fruit juices...
S.B., Florida,USA
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It's not just my intestines that have improved, my whole life is better! I am very appreciative for the information I got from Listen To Your Gut because I had an ongoing problem that just spontaneously popped up in middle age. 
B.S., Florida, USA
Your books literally saved me! Jini, I can't thank you enough for writing Listen To Your Gut and The IBD Remission Diet. It literally saved me...
L.R., Illinois, USA
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A lot of my patients have really benefited. Jini Patel Thompson has truly helped me to just open my eyes to other things that are out there...
S.S., British Columbia, Canada
I have had no symptoms for a year and a half and feel I am cured. I want to thank you for all your help, and the book of course is a great resource.. 
P.O., New Brunswick, USA
Listen to the audio:
Thanks to your books, my daughter has weaned off all her drugs and has been in remission for a year and a half...
M.J., Kingston, USA
Your elemental diet was amazing. My apologies for not being as outspoken as others with the benefits of your books and Absorb Plus....but I've done your 6 weeks, and a 2 week elemental diet which was amazing...
J.X., Australia
Listen to the audio:
My 11-yr-old daughter has a completely happy, drug-free, pain-free life. My daughter was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in July, widespread and in her stomach...
J.E., Ohio, USA
Our son has grown 6 inches and went from 78 lbs. to 106 lbs. We already have Listen To Your Gut and we use the advice. S. was diagnosed two years ago and we have treated him naturally, as best we could, ever since...
K.B., British Columbia, Canada
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My clients have been very pleased with Jini's work. I'm a health care practitioner and I live in Delta BC, Canada. And I have over the past year passed on Jini's name for some of my clients that needed more assistance in regard to problems they were having with their digestive system...
P.M., Texas, USA
I truly feel that your information saved her life. I have purchased Listen To Your Gut and The IBD Remission Diet and I am forever grateful for the emails!...
L.R., Illinois, USA
I tell a lot of my patients about your books. I wanted to let you know that your website and Holistic Health Shoppe, along with your books have been SO helpful to me...
N.P., Massachusetts, USA
Listen To Your Gut and the forum was helpful. Just wanted to let you know that Listen To Your Gut and the forum was helpful to me all over again in the last couple of weeks. My Mum took antibiotics for an infected tick bite a few weeks ago and subsequently started having GI symptoms, which ended up being diagnosed as a severe c-diff. infection...
B.S., Montreal, Canada
I have wonderful results to report from reading Jini's book!! I started looking up sites for colitis and found the American Colitis/Crohns society which listed Jini's book as recommended reading on their sight. It seemed that Jini's book was the only book on the list that gave me hope...
M.M., Amsterdam, Netherlands
This program helped me a lot to change my life and heal myself. Two years ago I bought Jini Patel Thompson's book/program, LISTEN TO YOUR GUT, and this program was and is a big inspiration, in taking control of my sickness, not being a victim, but helping myself and my body to heal...
P.R., New Hampshire, USA
Doing without medication after 10 years of constant use was a scary prospect and it helped a lot to have your program! Over the 10 years I have had IBD the flare-ups were very debilitating. By changing my lifestyle and diet I have improved significantly... 
D. E., Pennsylvania, USA
I have never felt better. Thank you for your program which has changed my life and got me back to the way I used to be!...
D.E., Pennsylvania, USA
I have never felt better. Thank you for your program which has changed my life and got me back to the way I used to be!...
L.D., Edinburgh, Scotland
I feel great and am not experiencing any symptoms. At particularly stressful times, such as exams, my symptoms can return but I'm learning how to cope with that...
D.G., Ohio, USA
I loved your program. I feel like it gave me my life back!!
L.R., California, USA
I have put on weight and feel better than I have in years! Jini's program 'Listen to Your Gut' helped me a great deal...
T.C., Ontario,Canada
Your program is the primary reason my UC is in remission and I am also feeling the best I have ever felt! That is due to following many of your tips on diet...
K.W., Oslo, Norway
My doctor had never seen anyone getting better from Crohn’s and he was very surprised! I followed many of your diets, and after just a few months I began feeling better...
C.G., B.C., Canada
My diarrhea of ten years stopped within three weeks! I did just one thing suggested in Listen To Your Gut...
M.N., Texas, USA
I’ve greatly reduced my medication and am feeling better! I have found the program (Listen to Your Gut) VERY helpful. By following some of the advice, and listening to MY gut...
D.G., Ohio, USA
I’ve gave my copy to my friend and ordered another one! I first ordered Listen To Your Gut and loved it--particularly the range of subjects covered and the common situations the author and I had experienced...
M.R., Dublin, Ireland
I was told I would need to take pills for the rest of my life and now I take none! The initial diet was quite strict however...
T.J., Georgia, USA
A recent trip to the GI doctor showed no signs of Crohn’s Disease! I looked up at the I.V. stand containing the steroid and antibiotic bags and down at the food cart at my pork and jello dinner...
D.F., Arizona, USA
Within 3 weeks the pain is gone, burning has eased, nausea subsided and the dreadful diarrhea is gone! Just wanted to pass on to you my thank you's for your program and the help I received from it...
E.B., Vermont, USA
I’ve gained weight, my cramping has just about completely subsided and my stools are formed and normal! Your program was extremely helpful and supportive when others (including my doctor) could not be...
L.R., California, USA
I have had Crohn's Disease for four years now and the prescription drugs have done nothing to help the up and down cycles of the disease. Jini's book 'Listen to Your Gut' helped me a great deal...
G.H., California, USA
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for giving me back my hobby...
N.P., London, UK
My daughter had her check up with her Paediatrician yesterday he was amazed at her histology and also her Colonoscopy results. He actually took notes to see what I have been doing.
K.G., Kentucky, USA
I have read about half the book, "Listen To Your Gut". It is truly excellent.
J.V., Canada
I first got introduced to Jini when I bought her book Listen to your Gut at my local health food store about six months ago.
I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease two years ago. I became very frustrated with the medical profession.
G.T., Canada
It's a great book for people healing from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It's the only one I've found that stresses the holistic aspects of healing so strongly. (...) Probably the most significant aspect of the book is that it gives me hard evidence that it is possible to fully heal from a severe case of Crohn's disease without having to rely solely on the allopathic medical model.
M.S., Canada
I first got introduced to Jini when I bought her book Listen to your Gut at my local health food store about six months ago.
I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease two years ago. I became very frustrated with the medical profession.
Now this by itself is unusual for me. I have had asthma since the age of two and hypothyroidism for the past 6 years. ( I'm 39 ) Both requiring daily medication and inhalers that I have no problem taking. I'm also a paediatrician - so yes, in general I love and respect the medical profession - I'm part of it!
Just telling it like it is. Jini and her team has helped me tremendously over the years from as far back as when I discovered and started applying the protocols from the original release of Listen to Your Gut.
T.P., Colorado, USA
I have been nothing but impressed with the work that Jini and her staff have put out. I have been dealing with chronic fatigue and abdominal symptoms my whole adult life.
I was hemmoraging really bad for 4 months and had no solid bowel movements and alot of cramping and stomach pain.
I stumbled across Jinis website and everything I read rang true to me. I ordered the books, ordered the shakes & supplements and began her protocol for severe symptoms. 
I have diverticulitis and came down with a very severe case this past June. After multiple antibiotics that almost killed me, I was determined to figure out a better way to control this because my extreme sensitivity to antibiotics was leaving me no choice. I came across Jini Patel's "Listen to your Gut". (...) I finally feel like I have some control over this. I will never leave home without it in my purse! Jini - thank you so much for your book and information!!!
Your book and start up guide are a blessing! My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with moderate Crohns May 2013. I only wish I knew of your book earlier. She is currently on 6mp and tapering off prednisone after 2 months, but with proper diet, and your other remedies carefully followed, she is doing well. 
I am a true fan of your program!! After being on absorb plus for only 3 weeks [October], my son (Crohn's patient) had one of the best test results that he has ever had since being diagnosed in Dec 06!! We are so pleased and thankful for your product!!
S.Y., India
I am thousand times thankful to you. You have given wonderful guidance to those suffering from gut problems.It is mear luck I could come across you web. Now I am hundred percent sure that I will be able to come out of my gut problems successfully.Your lessions are so clear that there is no need to consult a doctor. But to be in safer side I do go to a doctor. One can easily understand from Your literature on gut diseases and change life style to get adopted to your tips / treatment methods. Once again thanks a million.
Thank you Jini for helping get my life and health back in order. Last December I was after yet another round of antibiotics for sinus infections, that my intestinal flora gave up on me and I suffered non-stop diarrhea. 
Blossom T., Australia
Yes I am seeing benefits from Jini's products.  Even though I do not have much time and do the regime haphazardly I can still feel the benefits which is very encouraging.  It makes me feel like going on the whole program to reap more benefits.  I am grateful to Jini for taking the trouble to put down all her experience in books.  Hats off to her for going so far as to experiment with and getting these products to the stage where others can benefit from it.  I admire her effort and work and will surely recommend her to family, friends and my clients.
Wishing Jini the very best in her health and business. 
I found the [Candida] seminar very informative and have been following the suggestions with a lot of success.  I thank you for your website and [Listen] book, the work you are doing to help bring healing to others is so wonderful. After suffering for many many months, I am functioning much better now and feel I am on the right road to better health thru the use of your work. Can't thank you enough! 
Jessica P., Canada
I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with your books, and how they have helped clarify the fact that IBD is a complex picture, in which the separate 'puzzle pieces' need to be viewed both individually, and as how they interconnect with each other (like a Venn diagramme).
good, common sense information and well outlined. ABSORB PLUS product is good but expensive for what it is. I would recommend that anyone with intestinal problems at least try her methods....with a money back guarantee, you really can’t go wrong.
Beth K, USA
I bought Listen to Your Gut, and it is my bible. The suggestions have helped the pain and the rest of problems to be more manageable. I also love your website. I am glad I found you.
Lori J., USA
I am very happy to have found the Listen To Your Gut book. I have had ulcerative colitis for 31 years. I have had many years of remission and then flares. I have taken the sulfa drugs and prednisone.
Im with you though Jini after reading your approach you include a lot of other diets and approaches to your healing regime.

One day after reading listen to your gut book you mentioned that your a bit of a food connoisseur you mentioned that doing all the cooking following the scd diet was depressing and time consuming it was the same for me.
Finally found LTYG and did the Elemental Diet for 6 weeks last August-September.
Was hoping for miraculous results, but a very demanding performance tour (my husband and I are musicians -Artists-in-Education, mostly touring in public . I started bleeding again. I immediately consumed mostly shakes and continue to do so. By adding colostrum to the shakes (Sovereign Laboratories - I Highly recommend) I got steadily stronger. Weight gain, now up to 130. I recommend that folks that have become seriously depleted from persistent bleeding take colostrum from building.
Yes, I have read her book and found it very useful and helpful. I have Lyme
disease which has caused severe constipation if I don't use something (even
though my diet is excellent and I drink lots of water).
I wanted to share with you the two most definitively positive impacts that
the information contained in the LTYG book (as well as the vast body of
supplemental knowledge Jini has amassed online) has had on my healing
D.C., UK
I like to thank you again for all your kind understanding with me with my shipping. You and your staff packed all my supplies very well. It is a slow progress but I am starting to feel so much better with the help of Listen to your Gut book and all the advice I have taken from you. Next Month I will be shopping with you again as all the supplements are really working. Thank you again.
R.H., UK
I’ve been aware of your work for years, but didn’t realise how spot-on you are until I read this ebook.
Excellent! I’ve adapted for my own use.
Hi, I felt such a connection to the Colitis Quick Start Guide and the website that I actually bought the book, Listen to your Gut.  I'm only on chapter 3, but am finding so much helpful information.
I thank God for Jini Patel Thompson and her videos and her protocols and her books it has saved me from a horrible situation of Crohn's disease.
Excellent book. Have tried a few suggestions. Things are going well.Great success with the probiotic enema. Thanks.
I received your book in the mail earlier than anticipated so didn't use ebook much. My son is on the oregano oil protocol. He is showing improvement. Thanks!!
In September 2015, I experienced my first bout of diverticulitis.  This was an eye opening experiencing and was frightened by what my primary doctor told me (that it frequently leads to colon surgery!).   All the medical personnel told me that there was "nothing" I could do to prevent it from occurring and re-occurring.   After doing some research online while I recovered, I discovered Jini's book...and what a life saver it has been. 
I tell everybody about Jini's book and wild Oil of Oregano especially if I know that they are having indigestion problems. But then I have to tell them how the oil helped me overcome my stomach issues which started about two years ago.
I had been diagnosed with IBS about 15 years ago and had always suffered from stomach pain and constipation and had to take over the counter remedies for the pain and discomfort. But I began to have loose stools and urgency along with intense pain in my stomach. I had an ultra-sound and a colonoscopy and the results came back negative for any kind of complications. I had my stools tested for parasites and everything I was tested for came back negative. I was passing a lot of mucus and gas without stool matter and I felt awful. I couldn't work out at the gym because I was afraid that any kind of exertion would cause me to have to go to the bathroom. My stool didn't even look normal, it was shiny and kind of slick looking and all my family doctor could say was the mucus was normal. He did prescribe a very strong antibiotic for diarrhea but it did not heal me.
The first time I had any kind of relief was when I tried human grade DE, a powder that is used to kill bed bugs,fleas etc. It was a small victory, I thought, because I felt better in about two days. I used it everyday but my symptoms, the mucus and loose stools and fatigue were still there but not as bad. I researched on the Web and continued to read about remedies that helped some people who were having the same issues as I was having. That was how I heard about the Oregano Oil.
The next day I went to the health food store to buy a bottle and that is where I saw Jini's book at the checkout. I briefly read a page inside and there was mention of the oil, so I bought the book hoping it would had some good advice on how to take it. The book became more important than my bible because praying did not cure what I had, what ever was making me so sick
I just finished a 3 week detox. I followed your protocol suggestions for candida. Im also on the diet plan avoiding all sugars, grains etc. Im feeling 80% better. I was in a real foggy minded depressed weak place. My digestion has improved and my mind has cleared. Im on the trinity capsules nightly and continuing with the diet. 
Im working towards better health and Ive found some direction and support from your site. Im thankful you are out there as Ive struggled for years. When I get to the bottom and completely hopeless I follow your suggestions I find in the drop down menu, heal your symptoms. 
Jini's advice, guidance, and support has worked wonders. I'm truly appreciative of what I've learned from 'Listen To Your Gut' and aim to practice what I've been taught throughout the rest of my life.
L.M. North Carolina USA
I am starting to read through 'Listen to Your 
Gut' (and not just reference separate topics). I come across 
instructions that 'You must heal all the roots of your illness...to 
effect long-term healing' (p.19) where I have been trying to 'just 
randomly take a few of the recommended supplements here and there' 
(p.14). I thank you for your Absorb Plus Video Part 2 on Traveling. Next 
month I am going to have to do exactly that. I live in the South, and my 
mother is in long term care in Michigan.
J. W. Maryland, USA
I am all too happy to give you feedback on Jini's book (Listen to your Gut book) and therapies. Let me give you a little bit of information about my situation.  I am a 53 year old woman who has had issues from stress just about all of my life.  I had gotten to the point of acute diverticulitis and had 9 inches of my colon removed. After my surgery I had continued to flare every month and all my 4 doctors could offer me was more surgery that could have caused me to lose control of my bowels, at the very least. But I found Jini and her most
valuable life changing information. I haven't flared in 5 months! I knew that the strong antibiotics were killing me and I knew I needed something that the doctors didn't know about.  My hair and nails were breaking off. My hair is now down my back and my nails are so strong they dont crack, i have to file them back. Tell Jini thank you for improving my quality of life and also tell her that I have been passing her name to everyone I meet with gut problems, including doctors. I will meeting with my gastro doctors soon. I will be taking my book and telling them that now they have at least one other thing they can offer people before they chose to cut on them. So... what do I think about Jini and her book? I now call her... Teacher (Doctor). Thank You.
I have gone from needing to wear panty liners 24/7 and needing surgery, to barely needing the liners and no surgery. I have rectal prolapse and bladder problems. I watched Jini’s video on squatting and practice it 100%, I do Kegels every day 3 or more times/day and I am drinking 8 glasses of water/day.
Your book Listen to Your Gut is awesome. It is INCREDIBLY COMPREHENSIVE, dealing with traditional and “non-traditional” approaches to gut health, including, of course, unique approaches that you have developed, tested and experienced.
E.D. India

l am grateful and inspired, and of course, greatly relieved to have found your book. l read it over a number of days, particularly the first 3 chapters. l had already downloaded chapter 1 for free anyway, and that led me to buy the e-book. Your research and obvious direct experience gives me the faith that your program works. It makes sense anyway, there's so much common sense in your book. The book helped explain a lot of strange symptoms l have that l didn't know, but suspected, are related to IBD.

I began the Oregano oil protocol, as l happened to have a really high quality one around, according to your standards. Since l have been a vegetarian with quite a yogic diet for about 3 decades, l decided to do 10 drops of OO 3x a day, which l did for 2 weeks. I started to feel a bit sick, or over-heated liver feeling, just around then, so now l have cut down to 5 drops 3x a day, which l want to do for at least 2 more weeks, or longer if l can handle it.

As far as the probiotics go, it is a difficult situation. I live in a small town in the Himalayas of northern India (basically a Canadian ex-pat). I started at the same time with OO to empty 1 capsule of a Canadian probiotic (Natural Factors) in water at night on an empty stomach. It's not enough time yet to say there are significant changes, although l think l have warded off a couple from flare-ups. l basically do not have access to Natren Probiotics, unless l invest about $2000 (l calculated for 3 months, not including Mucosaheal or Absorb Plus) and Fed-Ex the stuff over here. With another 3 months of Probiotics, plus the other stuff, it is flat out impossible. 

I have had bouts of amoebas, giardia, and or bacterial infections in the gut ever since l arrived in India. So l do believe that the lining of my colon and perhaps small intestine is damaged. The symptoms agree with your information. According to your chart, it is "moderate" IBD. l do get fever for a few hours when l get a flare-up, and feel horribly uncomfortable.

I should say that l have an incredible support system. l am also a 40 year meditator. And since the last flare-up 2 months ago, l went online and found a way to massage the gut, according to Chinese medicine. I have been doing that every day, and l must say it is a revelation to get to know my own gut on an intimate basis, which l now know. Perhaps this has also helped. Every time l eat something that l am not sure about (like turnips the other day), l can feel the next morning how my gut handled it.

You gave me a key piece of information about the ilio-secal valve where the small intestines meet the colon. That IS where the pain begins, and the inflammation. 

I will do the retention enemas, that sounds amazing. I also think it's crucial to heal the gut lining after a good round of probiotics.  l will at that time order Mucosaheal. I wish l could get the Natren stuff but l cannot leave here for now. l had to laugh, and fully understand, that you said India is the one place your gut can't handle.

You have inspired me and given me hope to heal this debilitating affliction.

I am quite pleased with this book, and would suggest it to anyone with gut issues, as it's practical, thorough, and still leaves room for someone to tune in to their gut, and react accordingly...intuitively. The book was as described, and arrived quickly. I'm happy with my purchase!
R.H. California, USA
Thank you for the great work you are dedicated to. Your books, videos, especially the one about message for constipation (lol) have saved me from a life of medications and failure to get better.  I am healed from Crohn's. Thanks AGAIN
M.V. California, USA
Jini is a lifesaver.
The protocols and the  methods in the book that I have tried till now works exactly
as described by her.  
I will boldly say  do not question but just try the remedies without making any changes.  The only 
thing I will advise is to adjust the dosage depending on how your body is reacting.
For example, for the  intestinal stricture protocol I started using double the dosage of DMSO after one month. I am currently on my 3rd month and now I am using 3 times the dosage. 
Her suggestions regarding  diet to follow  when you have any stomach/colon/ digestion related issues is spot on.  
Most doctors have a tunnel vision they don't realize that what works for one person may not work for others,  but with Jini, I find that she is sensitive, thinks deeply about the subject, tries new methods on herself and on a few other selected people before putting it out.
You cannot go wrong following her advice. We are fortunate to have someone who has gone so deeply into this subject.
Here is wishing happiness for all living beings.
S.B. Connecticut, USA
I read the relevant parts of the book, "Listen To Your Gut." I wanted Jini to know that it changed my life. I had been suffering with diarrhea for two years and finally found relief from following both the recommended diet and the probiotics. I originally thought this was a side effect of radiation for prostate cancer, but now am not sure of that. Perhaps the radiation changed the flora in my gut.
I've only been doing this for about a month but experienced positive changes within days. I want to thank Jini personally for her work, her dedication to this healing, as I know it has enhanced the lives of many, many others. I share my own gratitude.
I think the whole web support is wonderful and read the bulletins as they come out. Thanks to all in the organization who is helping with this important work.
C.W. California, USA
I give your Listen to Your Gut book two giant thumbs up! The amount of information presented in the book is mind blowing. The way it is written with so much compassion, openness and understanding provides strong hope and encouragement. Some changes are being incorporated during the first reading. The second read through will be with worksheet pages. My husband (IBD) and I (IBS) are both reading and making changes. We are already seeing improvements! I wish we would have ordered it sooner.
M.K. Florida
I am sharing this book as it has not only kept me in better health, but my daughter who has also struggled is now off all of her pharm. meds and using the Natren probiotics and olive leaf extract. Myself have done the same. Also used your mixture w the DMSO to help my hemorrhoids.
Thank you for sending that (What You Need to Know About Wild Oil of Oreagono eBook) 
to me. Wild Oregano Oil is quite interesting.
I have also read your book Listen to Your Gut. I have  personally been
taking Wild Oregano Oil for several months now. I started taking low doses.
I am now up to atleast 30 drops a day but not in one sitting. I take
atleast ten drops three times a day to equal the 30 drops. I have Crohn's
Disease and fistulas. I was diagnosed with Crohn's at twenty-one.  It has
been miserable at times and hard being a young person with issues. But the
wild oregano oil is doing something. I also take Absorb Plus once a day
around three scoops. I am on the Natren B. Infantis probiotic. I tried the
Bifido but don't think my body is ready for that yet. Thank you so much for
your information. You have touched so many people's lives. You used your
pain and suffering to accomplish good. I hope I can help someone one day.
Perhaps I will even co-author a book as well. I struggle with diet. My
taste buds love sugar and starch but my body does not like it. I got to try
to stay away from it. I also need to work on emotional issues. My disease
is partly emotional. Growing up, I had to walk on eggshells at times which
was stressful. Hopefully I can get these fistulas gone too. They don't want
to go. Haha! I wish I could talk to you about it, but I know with natural
stuff some people are quick to judge you. So you may not be able to talk to
I am blessed to have a part time job. It's good being healthy enough to
work again. Thank you for your part in this.
God bless you!
S.G. Scotland

Thanks for your message. I am still reading your book... with interest... it is a lot to take in but very relevant.  
I have been diagnosed with Crohns/Stricture about 2 years ago (after 20 plus years IBS). I refused the operation to cut out stricture as well as meds that I can't remember the name of but had terrible side effects... and they put me on a low residue diet.  which in fairness has worked really well for me up till now... Thought and did eat all the rubbish of the day and because I could digest it I have been doing very well and live an active life.
Downside is I have gained about 2 stone in weight (only 5 foot and never really had much of a weight problem before) but now feel very uncomfortable in myself.
So, I started searching for a good dietician (hospital dietician available but very basic advice which hasn't really helped me) and came across an alternative nutritionist (French and has a great understanding of foods and seems to have tuned into to me pretty well).  She has suggested I have a blocked Houston valve.
At the same time, I came across your video and books... and you are both very much saying similar things.
So rather than a diet I now have a health plan. I've not started it yet as have been away on holiday to Spain and life does seem to get in the way.
However, I'm continuing to read the book (love the recipes which will be a big help) and will see how it goes.
When I discovered your video, it was like a light bulb moment for me and has basically endorsed my decision to look at an alternative way to help me help myself.
So, when I'm back next week the big plan begins. I am both excited and scared at the same time as it is a complete lifestyle change and not sure how I'll cope with it.
When I'm ready I may phone for a support as offered.
In the meantime, thanks for opening up an option for me that I previously had no idea about.


S.Z. Michigan, USA
I am more than happy to give you feedback on Listen to Your Gut - the book that, I believe, saved my husband's life. After 35 years of trying to manage Crohn’s Disease nutritionally (without medication), my husband’s body was giving out. From 2002 through 2016 he had been on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, experiencing some relief along with flare ups and a few partial bowel obstructions. Strictures from an original bowel resection back in '82 finally brought us to a crossroads in January/2017. We knew how seriously ill my husband was when he lost more than 25 lbs. He was becoming weak and lethargic. I read both books, Listen to Your Gut and the IBD Remission Diet, in order to learn everything, I needed to know about Jini's protocol. Some days I felt I was on overload as I cared for my sick husband while formulating a supplement schedule to follow. (I'm attaching a copy of my schedules for you to see.)
He began the IBD Remission Diet with a partial Elemental Diet for 4 weeks (the only food he ate was chopped chicken, fish, applesauce, and squash). During this time we slowly introduced all the recommended supplements. By the week 4, he was ready to go full elemental, consuming 6 Absorb Plus shakes per day. He felt good. No cramps, gas, or bloating. His bowels were loose, but we understood that was part of being on a liquid diet. All of his life he has been unable to take supplements, but now he was tolerating Calcium Ascorbate, Quercitin, Grapeseed Extract, Vit. E, Vit. D, Natren probiotics, Joy of the Mountain oil of oregano, George's Aloe Vera Juice... and everything worked very well! We were excited and hopeful for the future. I referred back to both books on a daily basis, constantly refreshing my knowledge of what to look for and what to do if we hit a snag. And we did hit a few snags and had some setbacks. I "chatted" online with Cris at LTYG.com, and even phoned in on more than one occasion. Always, I received encouragement and the assurance that we were not alone in this journey! At Jini's suggestion my husband began having Cranial Sacral Therapy and also NAET Allergy Testing. He also does nightly castor oil packs over his stricture area and I perform abdominal massage along with some reflexology. This definitely seems to be softening the stricture and helping things to pass. He has also benefited from Hemmorheal - wow, that worked almost immediately and he was so grateful! But most important, he has been working through some deep emotional issues that he feels sure has contributed to the disease process all these years. That perhaps has been the hardest part of this recovery, but a necessary part all the same. All I can say is that much, much prayer has gone into everything we are doing, and the results speak for themselves. 
I would say the only difficulty my husband is having right now is that he has not gained any weight back. Unfortunately, he no longer seems able to tolerate Absorb Plus, which is puzzling because he was on one shake a day for the last two years, and then 4-6 shakes during the Elemental Diet phase. We are wondering if he built up an intolerance to whey, because even when I switched over to Vital Whey, he experienced bloating and pain. Gaining weight back is our biggest challenge. He feels good, but just can't seem to gain weight. (We also tried Sun Warrior protein, but he reacted to that as well.)
I would like to share some of the things that have helped my husband make such great progress:– Moving very very slowly in introducing new foods, eating more fish than ever as it seems easier to digest.
 – Continuing Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol, and taking Natren Probiiotics three times per day. Also did the retention enema.
 – George’s Aloe Vera, along with all supplements recommended at LTYG
 – Nightly abdominal massage along with reflexology on his feet (this has made a huge difference in gas/bloating)
 – Weekly cranial-sacral therapy (can’t say enough about these!)
 – NAET (Nanputripad’s Allergy Elimination Treatment) to address food sensitivities
 – Nightly Castor oil packs (from stricture heal protocol) Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for all that Jini and the folks at LTYG have done to make my husband’s recovery possible. I truly don't know if he would be with us today if not for LTYG. Thank you for the support, methods, and suggestions available through LTYG.
I'm only on page 44 but I can't explain it anyway other than "life-changing"!
Within 3 days, my intestinal inflammation and bleeding stopped. My frequent, loose bowel movements took about two weeks to completely regulate...
D.M., Texas, USA
This brought so much clarity and understanding to my condition. I was truly so very thankful to have found you...
C.H., London, UK
In November last year, I turned a miraculous corner.  30 drops of oregano oil per day plus Natren powders, as prescribed, a sensible diet and a change of heart towards stressful situations, plus asking for support where I need it and suddenly my energy levels soared, my eyes took on a shiny glow and I was going to the toilet normally!!  Sad, but true, but when it first happened, I wanted to phone my Mum and say, “You’ll never guess what?..
E.M., England, UK
Over the past 6 weeks I have gained an inner voice which I had long lost and grown so much as a person..
Thank you for the movie and all that you do..

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