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Listen To Your Colon
Julie, USA
Jini, I have just finished reading your book "Listen to Your Colon" and am implementing many of the protocols.  I had been on daily Miralax for about 2 years and had been wanting to wean off it using natural methods and solve the underlying causes, but did not know how until I read your WONDERFUL book!
A.G., New Zealand
Thank you so much for your eBook it was so great to get some helpful information that i felt i could trust.  My son has very bad constipation and i have been feeling very confused about what i should do to help him.  I was so excited when i found your website I now feel confident with my plan of action.
C.M., Quebec, Canada
I have learn a lot with your books ,thank you for your dedication and good research.
B.C., Facebook
After almost 2 mths on your protocol and a slow conversion to this fruit diet my system is as normal as its been since right before I got hit with severe food poisening that caused all of this lower digestive mishap in the first place.
I have battled constipation my whole life. After watching your video about colon massage I also purchased your book and this massage method works!!!! I was already taking aloe, acidophilus, fiber, water, etc.but this method totally changed my life. I have recommended your book to several people with the opposite problem. Bless you for all your work and sharing.
My constipation is definitelly relieved, and I am very grateful for your tips and suggestions! More than that now I feel that I got control over my bowels and greater understanding of how the things work. Which is even better then just relieving constipation.
I followed your advice about stooping when passing stools. Wonderful hardly any pain during and after.
Donna H., USA
It's been a great experience learning about my innards and how to listen to what our body is telling us.
I have both stenotic and peristaltic constipation. This has made a big difference in my bowel function.
Thank you.
THANKYOU thankyou thankyou ... Bless you ... After 5 doctor visits and rectal colon specialist prescribing me boxes of anal ointments ,,, I used the foot step and it worked .. God bless you.
R.R. India
Your ebook opened my eyes to the problem I have suffering from the past 20
years. I will start implementing the remedies you suggest. I have tried the
colonic massage and changing pooping positions. It does help in defecting
but for greater healing, I understand that I have to use other techniques as
well. Thanking you a million times. May God Bless you.
C.D. California, USA
My copy (of Listen to Your Colon) has held up pretty good, no complaints from me. I have enjoyed the book, and so has my colon! : ) It is so nice to have someone actually talk about this stuff and have it come to the light. The practical things I personally got from the book are the following:
~ when going to the bathroom now I mute the tv so i don't hear it, shut the bathroom door completely, focus/breath/relax, listen to my body, no forcing, no fear. I already had the squatty potty before I bought the book but I used to sit on the toilet & watch tv. So this step has been very helpful for me to just focus on what I am doing!
~ tummy rubs, intestinal massage along with sweet talking/apologizing to my colon. This has helped me release some stress/guilt/fear about the way I have treated myself over the years.
~ I bought your book & Fiber Menace at the same time, so I have been lowering my "processed fiber foods", upped my healthy fats intake, included magnesium supplements and STOPPED taking colace stool softeners. 
~ Whole RAW MILK! Mmmm, I have finally started consuming that along with a high dose probiotic every day!
All of these things combined have really helped my constipation, hemorrhoids & a fissure that I acquired last year. Thank you for your knowledge/advice/experience! I am looking to incorporate even more of this "lifestyle change" protocol! 
Thank you for checking in on me! 
M.J. India
I am following your instructions, I would like to tell you that I am feeling better. Thank you so much for advice.
 I am not skilful on writing but I want to tell you about what helped me a lot from your ideas and to say Thank You..
"I can't thank you enough for all the research and insights you have provided."
Shirley C., BC, Canada
I've been to countless specialists over the years, both in the Western medicine and alternative sectors. A few have been helpful, most not, but none produced the results I have experienced after following Jini's suggestions in Listen To Your Colon...
Lance C., Ontario, Canada
After the 1st month things started to really improve for me and now I'm going everyday...
Laurinda K., USA
I did the recommended treatments for the constipation as given in your book, Listen To Your Colon and I have been going everyday since...
Erin J., California, USA
Magnesium buffered by whey protein really helped...
Maria N., USA
This book is full of useful information one can find nowhere else. I have to admit I did not expect such a complete healing program...
Favian K., USA
Hey Jini, Wow, great job! I did not read through the entire work tonight, but skimmed it all and focused on the constipation remedies for children (the adaptations) and the dietary suggestions. Thank you, thank you...
Jane S., Canada
I really enjoyed your book! No seriously, I am someone who has this problem (hope that is not too much information) and I found your suggestions helpful - really liked the holistic approach to solving these types of problems...
Nadine P., Alberta, Canada
Your book is very enlightening so far - I never looked at constipation that way...

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