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The Diverticulitis Diet
Brenda S.
I have implemented much of what I read, and the massage techniques are wonderful!
Laurel L.
I am happy to report that your diet absolutely works!! It has helped me a lot...
Linda L.
Thank you I read it all and do not know what happened but I cured myself...
B.L., NSW, Australia
It is my mother who has diverticulitis.  She is 85 yrs old.  I find the information helpful for advising her how to eat...
Mary J
A big big thank you for sending me this report. It is awesome, and had excellent tips in it...
I have tried the colonic massage and it feels good and is helpful.
I did read the report. It does have useful information. The unpasteurized dairy products are a barrier for me because I have to watch my money and there is none local. I also have the issue of trying to keep my weight up. My doctor also wants me eating gluten free. Lots to balance and consider.
I really appreciate all the great info Jini has provided. I was in the
midst of what I believe was a diverticulitis flare (self-diagnosed) and as
soon as possible, I implemented almost all of her recommendations
(supplements, diet restrictions, castor oil packs, etc.), just slightly
modifying a few things to fit my lifestyle and budget.
I have read the report and have implemented the colonic massage as well
as using George's aloe and I have purchased the mucosaheal, oil of oregano,
and the natren probiotic.  I have found the massage to be very helpful as
well as the aloe, not to sure about the other things.
Yes, I did go through the report, and found it very informative and helpful.
As I was having a bad attack at the time, I employed the massage technique, made the chicken broth, and followed some of Jini's suggestions of best ways to eat.
I am pleased to report that things are back to being okay right now, and thank Jini for her excellent article.
I found Jinni's information on gut health at the beginning of July when on holiday in Italy and suffering from a bout of diverticulitis. It was really helpful as I had not had any real advice on how to manage an attack except by taking antibiotics. The colonic massage saved my holiday as it actually moved something that was stuck and accelerated my recovery. I will now use the massage as part of my daily routine hopefully to prevent further attacks. I also have more information on how to deal with an attack by using a liquid diet and a low fibre diet which was really difficult on holiday. I am now also trying to make bone broth. My grateful thanks to Jinni.
I found your report most instructive, providing a fuller understanding of what diverticulitis is.   It is well laid out with chapter headings instantly providing a link to essential subjects.
Trying to follow specific diets, etc, is difficult.  Doubtless if I lived on my own I would benefit more from it as I would have the opportunity to adjust my diet on a daily basis.
I see its main use for me as being a personal handbook for easy reference, reassuring in the sense that it makes on realise just how common this problem is.   In my case it has made me institute a much more careful look at what I eat and so relate flare ups to what I have just eaten in the previous 24 hours.
But clearly there is no magic cure.
Thank you very much for the report which I shall keep for future reference.
It has helped me so much!
Medical field really isnt interested in healing the gut, they have had no answer on how to get me out of pain.
So I implemented the elemental diet,with flax oil, cod liver oil, and a probiotic as suggested. It has taken 4 weeks, but now I think I have turned the corner, thank goodness! I am adding back in solid foods now.
Thanks to the help of the report.
I was so grateful to find the information by Jini. At the time of my search I had been diagnosed with diverticulitis for the second time. The first time was about 4 years ago. I was frustrated and becoming afraid because I was having difficulty finding information for the treatment that was consistent with my eating practices. I am diabetic and have been successfully treating that disease with diet and exercise but I had no idea what to do about this condition. My doctor had me on penicillin and an anti parasitic but was unable to help me with how to eat. Jini's book was extremely helpful and I followed a lot of her advice. (Bone broth, probiotics, L glutamine, etc)
I am now working with a personal nutritionalist and rebuilding intestinal lining and slowly working my way back to eating a normal diet.
Thank you for being there when I felt alone. 
I have implemented some of the suggestions.  More veges, less carbs and protein, magnesium and grapefruit seed oil daily.  So far, so good, so thank you for the suggestions.  As you know, Western doctors have no clue as to what to do. 
First of all I would like to thank you for the report based on what happened to you. And how you handled this terrible and painful disease. I found it very interesting and helpful for myself as I recently had a flare up. I follow a lot of guidelines according to what you delivered in your report. Thank you
Just one short month ago I had my first diverticulitis attack and I thought I would die! I ended up in the ER being pumped full of drugs strong enough for an elephant!..

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