A Note About Success Stories: We do not list people's full names or city for privacy reasons – bowel and colon conditions are very personal, and people may be discriminated against (for example at work). These results are for informational purposes only - we're sharing them with you so you can see the potential of these treatment protocols. We are not making guarantees or promises that you will be able to achieve the same level of success we have. We're only trying to help you understand what may be possible if you use Jini’s natural remedies and treatments just as she describes.

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Absorb Plus
D.B., Texas, USA
I have been using Absorb Plus for maintaining weight more than anything. I'm also keeping a few jugs around for flare-ups...
G.B., California, USA
Just want to thank you very much again for such a great product! I have Crohn's disease and was in the hospital on TPN (IV feeding) due to complications...
P.M., Michigan, USA
I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 13 years ago and have found in the past that the use of carbohydrate specific diet (which is based on an elemental diet), along with medication, has help put my Crohn's into remission...
J.S., BC, Canada
I found the shakes to taste fantastic compared to other products I have tried!...
H.S., California, USA
Now I feel fresh and have gained some of the weight I lost - Thanks to Absorb Plus...
M.R., Pennsylvania, USA
I have had a long history of intestinal problems. I've been to at least 3 different GI specialists and participated briefly in Dr. Weil's program at the University of Arizona in 2001...
B.C., Essex, UK
I received my order of 10 jars of Absorb Plus just after Christmas. My son has been having three shakes each day since then...
G.M., Alberta, Canada
I must say the taste & variety provided are fantastic! I was somewhat hesitant since there are only 3 flavors available, but have realized there is quite a bit of variety available especially when experimenting with mixing the flavors and I urge others to do the same!...
L.P., New York, USA
I am writing to inform that the Absorb Plus shakes have been working marvelously for me. I have chron's disease and there were days that I could not eat and they helped me get all the nutrients I needed...
D.G., Maryland, USA
I just want to let you know that I love the Absorb Plus Shakes, and so does my husband. He was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis last year...
L.M., Michigan, USA
I cannot say enough about Absorb Plus. I am 26 yrs old with crohn's disease and as a last resort before going on steroids again I tried the shakes...
T.H., California, USA
I love this product and I will always have some in my cupboard for my daughter when she needs it and also for other health emergencies...
N.B., Alberta, Canada
As I'm pregnant, I've been taking the product with some food (fresh juices, broth, homemade applesauce, etc). Even still, I have noticed a huge change in my energy level and general well being.
M.P., Vancouver Island, Canada
Your abosorb plus is an incredible driving fuel and has me going to the gym several times a week once again! 
D.C., Ontario, Canada
My wife's condition has improved greatly over the past months and I no longer require the shipments as before.  I will probably order again from time-to-time.
G.E., California, USA
Awesome stuff 
my son is doing so well on it. Been 2 weeks. 
he's never been able to tolerate things hyper sensitivity
thanks for changing lives 
J.S., Connecticut
Absorb Plus has been a literal life saver for my daughter as she suffers through the complications in her gut from chronic Lyme Disease.  We are so happy that a friend of ours found your product!  
R.D., Oregon, USA
I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how well the Absorb
Plus is working for my son...He looks and feels better than he ever has in his life, and it has given
him his health and life back.
The products have worked great and I'm in remission now.
My mother is much improved from her month-long drug resistant diverticulitis flare-up.   The Absorb Plus and raw milk and chicken broth seems to have made a huge difference.  We are transitioning to more solid foods but need to manage the process wisely.
S.C., Florida, USA
I used Absorb Plus for 6 weeks, ate nothing but the shakes and broths for 4 and then eased back for 2.... I am happy to say that I seem to be totally healed.
B.W., Canada
 The unsweetened version of Absorb Plus has been a life saver (literally).  I live with the hope that you will continue to produce and distribute it.
It's only been since starting your Elemental Diet with the Absorb Plus that the intestinal pain and ICV pain has nearly disappeared. When I cheat, it lets me know it's still there so  I'm planning on staying on the diet and with full intention and belief, heal completely. 4 scoops of the flavored Absorb Plus caused my heart to race/palpitate. I found 2-3 scoops of the unflavored and 1 flavored doesn't cause the symptoms.  Perhaps others who have had the experiences could benefit from this.
Thank you for your message, your book and Absorb Plus!!
I feel so grateful to have come across it.

My six year old has been diagnosed with Crohns almost three years ago and though she is not a severe case, the meds and a special diet didnt do it for her. She did an EEN with Absob Plus and your regimen this summer for 3 months.
I made it work and I'm glad. I could of kept my 2nd tub but I also need the book. I've healed my self numerous of times in the past but I don't have all the answers. I found u guys years ago actually. No more sleeping on LTYG. I did the research and realized that 1% of milk isn't bad at all compared to 100%. Besides I have a sensitivity, not an allergy. My diarrhea went away long before I started Absorb Plus, but my intestinal lining is still healing and I'm still adding on needed pounds I lost, so I know it's beneficial. 
C.L., Asia
My Husband has been using absorb plus for about 4 to 5 years now. He has crohns and during a flare up, he uses this drink to help him put on weight. We usually have a tub or 2 at home for standby. Sometimes, he will take it after his gym exercise to pump up his protein intake. We like to take one scope of chocolate and 3 scoops of unsweetened vanilla. Last year, I was diagnosed with advanced stage ovarian cancer and went through an intense chemotherapy session
I just completed week three. My fears of the shakes not tasting good or the shakes making me sick before getting better have been put to rest; I am full and satisfied.
The Chocolate tastes great and I like to change it up a bit so I mix 1/2 Choc. and 1/2 Berry. It’s really hot this summer so I have been mixing the shake with water like normal and then blending again with 1 cup ice cubes. This makes a nice cool, healthy drink.
If you want to help your body heal like I do, this is worth a try. I have fibromyalgia, which is a Central Nervous System disorder; my nerve pain was better on week two. I also have the autoimmune disorder hashimotos and lesions on my brain. I am thrilled that my Dr prescribed this for me to help heal my gut. Thank you for making such a wonderful and easy product; I wish I wouldn’t have procrastinated so long.
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate having a formula like
Absorb Plus. I had a stomach tube put in 6 months ago and, although I can
eat a bit and hope to return to "regular" eating, in the meantime the
Absorb Plus has kept me alive. I could not tolerate some of the commercial
I have to say that while I was so sick last spring and couldn’t eat hardly anything, I found AbsorbPlus and Jini’s organic bone broth recipe. That nourished me and started me healing. 
S.S., Canada
Thank you. I have been using the unsweetened vanilla for almost a year and it has saved me from needing a feeding tube; has allowed me to add some much needed weight and best of all I am now able to have enough energy to go back to work. Thank you for giving me my life back
All of of books I have bought from you have been great the Ebooks included. The information in your books is very easy to understand and the books are very easy to use on a day to day basis. I use my hard copy of listen to your gut every day. I would give your books and recommended supplements that you sell through your store online the highest recommendation possible. 
Going on the elemental diet with the Absorb Plus shakes has saved me from surgery (at the Mayo Clinic), twice in the last 6 months.  If I could afford to do it I would eat nothing but your shakes and supplements 100% of the time.
Keep up the great work!
I love your Absorb Plus. I have been drinking unsweetened vanilla for about 3 months now for breakfast and lunch and eating a nutritious dinner. I have also been taking meds for sibo on and off during this time. I haven't been able to gain weight for 1&1/2 yrs. Since beginning this regimen , I have gained 2.5 lbs which I am thrilled about!!!
Thank you , Jini, for your product!!
Thank you for your wonderful and  detailed info for healing intestinal strictures.  I have all the info I need and thanks for making available the products to complete my healing. I am presently being greatly helped using the Absorb plus shakes.  I saw and felt healing within days using it just once a day!  The Best to you!
I was in a bad way after the last attack, so I started with Jini's Absorb plus and stayed on that for 10 days. The taste was great, and I managed to go without solids for 10 days in total. Such relief. Bloating dissipated and the weight loss helped me get my mobility back in check. I also used the colonic massage technique, very helpful. I have yet to follow the rest of the program, for now I am just eating softer foods and chewing well, but I do plan on going back to take a look at the pdf. Thank you so much for this kind reminder to do so!
Sincerely, and with much gratitude to yourself and Jini, for sharing such great information with the world.:)
My 14 year old son is loving Absorb plus (unsweetened vanilla) - he has previously tried modulen (tasted awful, so he had to tube feed) boost (unhealthy, too sweet, tastes awful) and ensure (couldn't do it). Finding absorb plus has been a real life savior. He has NO problem drinking five shakes a day. No nausea, no after taste. NO PROBLEM! This is an amazing product! VERY MUCH WORTH THE FINANCIAL INVESTMENT- IT IS IN FACT EXPENSIVE, BUT YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR WITH ABSORB PLUS. THANK YOU.
AbsorbPlus has been tremendously helpful to me. I've been recovering from Crohn's Disease for 16 years now. I came across AbsorbPlus in 2013 (I think). It has helped me through many flares. Although I haven't followed Jini's recommendations exactly, I have explored much of what she suggests. The biggest piece for me is that she's done it. She's recovered her health. That, on its own, has been a huge support for me (along with the knowledge that there are at least 10 others around (I discovered this through friends and through the on-line "Heal your Crohn's Summit" in which Jini participated)). I know it can be done. It's just been a question of figuring out what works for me (and surviving the rough ride!). My blood work is now almost normal. If this trend continues (which is likely), I will soon break a 16 year record (that's how long I've been doing monthly blood tests)! Please thank her for her book, her AbsorbPlus, her website, and for being so public that it is possible to heal from this illness. Blessings to you all.
D.S. Texas, USA
I suffer IBS and divertulosis and has been in distress for over a month. With using just one jug of Absorb Plus, my tummy feels so much better from the IBS. I'm still working on the left side where the divertulosis is, but I have ordered my second jug. I am drinking the chocolate royalle and it tastes good. Thank you!
I suffer IBS and divertulosis and has been in distress for over a month. With using just one jug of Absorb Plus, my tummy feels so much better from the IBS. I'm still working on the left side where the divertulosis is, but I have ordered my second jug. I am drinking the chocolate royalle and it tastes good. Thank you!
Z.G. England
Hi, I just thought I'd tell you that my son has been on Absorb Plus since the time I previously messaged you and we are seeing good results.   Very happy as things have been quite bad.   Thank you!
T.H. Colorado, USA
A few weeks ago I was going through a rough spot not feeling good. I started taking Absorb Plus for breakfast and lunch, then solids for dinner. Along with Mucosaheal three times a day, two twice and three before bed. I have also been on the oregano protocol for about two months. Now I am now starting to feel really good during the days. I truly believe I am on the right path. Thank you for the life saving information. God bless you.
P. C. Wisconsin, USA
Hi Jini and the wonderful Absorb Plus team, Thank you for the high quality product you offer; it is truly amazing. My son and I were completely satisfied with your product, and it even impressed my son's nutritionist in how perfectly it worked for him (he has chemical sensitivities and many food issues). My son used all of the Absorb Plus that we ordered, and it definitely helped him. He continued to have one meal per day while using the shakes. I am unable to afford this product, however, and am planning to ask his rheumatologist if there is any chance of the Absorb Plus being covered by his insurance. We will see the rheumatologist again mid-February. My son has a diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis since August of 2016, plus he has a cognitive disability and scoliosis. He doesn't have a diagnosis of Crohn's, but when he started coming off of the Prednisone that the rheumatologist put him on back in August, he developed Crohn's symptoms. I thought he had a virus at first, and treated him naturally (therapeutic enzymes, essential oils, etc.). He continued to get worse as time went on, and I found myself reading about Crohn's. Having studied natural medicine on my own, I realized that an elemental diet would help him, whatever his problem was, and then was elated to find your product. Actually, I tried it myself and loved it, because it was the first time I could remember eating and feeling only satisfied, and not like the food was doing something to me. I have recommended your product to many people already, and they're all devouring the information I give them. I even gave away most of the empty containers to my friends. This reminds me, I was wondering if you have something like tri-fold brochures that I can give to people. I live in northern Wisconsin. There is a natural spring just outside of town that many, many people go to for water. It's free, and it's spring water. The spring, however, is not always safe to drink from, and is even regularly closed by the city. I feel that this spring is part of the reason for the higher-than-average incidences of Celiac, Crohn's, and other intestinal conditions in this area. When we moved here we were told you have to "get used to the water." To me, that means "don't drink it." Anyway, there are a lot of people here that need help, and if you have brochures, I could easily give away a few hundred. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service, and the special gifts you sent with our December orders. They're very high quality. I shared a few of them with the owner of a local large natural store in town, and discovered that they already carry your shampoo. Her sister-in-law loves the hand lotion, and uses it every day now.
This is my second review. This product is way superior to other nutritional support/weight gain products. Aside from not being able to assimilate the other products on the market (Ensure, Boost, etc), I seriously wouldn't feed them to my dog. Read the ingredients. As for taste, it's all opinion. I don't like sweet so I simply can't drink other than the unsweetened vanilla. That's plenty sweet as it is. I'm very glad to see the switch from fructose in your new flavor, 'Simply Chocolate'. I don't like the new packaging at all. Small mouth and takes up more room in my cabinet.
T.H. Colorado, USA
I have been using Absorb Plus for five weeks now with other supplements. I have been feeling great. I have been taking it for breakfast and lunch and then eating a solid for dinner. It seems to be working well for me.
J.V. Oregon, USA
My Crohn’s Colitis strictures naturally break up and release after about 1.5 weeks on a strict Absorb Plus enteric diet. My flareup frequency is now down to once per year after about 4 years of following the protocol on every flare without fail, and they are diminishing in severity as well.
Counting my previous orders from the shopping cart here on your store, I see 10 times out of 10 orders I have put my (previously completely disabling) version of complex fistulizing Crohns Colitis in remission using only Absorb Plus, additional oils for calories, and adding bone broth as the flare begins to subside. 7 tubs in 2 weeks does it every time now.
Jini I have never given you a formal testimonial on this but THANK YOU from the bottom of my hearts for this incredible product that has helped me avoid toxic biologic drugs for almost 5 years now.
D.M., Indiana, USA
I've been drinking absorb plus for about 4 weeks now because I had a bowel obstruction, and when I began eating foods again right when I got out of the hospital I was very sensitive, so I began drinking Absorb plus...
N.D. Arizona, USA
It was a big deal going on an elemental diet.  And I did a lot of reading
and actually felt overwhelmed with just how to do it.
The kit was a blessing.  It provided the foundation for me to get the
shakes done correct and gave me confidence to then incorporate the other
supplements like the Oil of Oregano and the Probiotics and Aloe.   A great
idea and a true gift for those that need healing in a difficult time when
even thinking can be a challenge when your gut is so out of tune.  Thank
A.D. Canada
First of all, I would like to thank Dane Johnson for the video from YouTube:
That's how I found out of Absorb Plus. 
I have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease 4 months ago I haven't been feeling good for 3 years. 
I had been feeling very weak.
Since I started using Absorb Plus a month ago I noticed feeling a bit stronger and not as sensitive to certain foods.
Here is how I make my shake first in the morning before going to work and if I don't feel very good coming home from work I would have another shake for supper.
I would take a bit more than a cup of water in the mixer and 3 to 4 scoops of Absorb Plus. Sometimes I would mix it with different flavors.  I would also take one capsule of magnesium.  I would just open them and pour in the powder. 
And I would take grounded slippery elm bark. 
And maca root and glutamine all in powder half a teaspoon of each. 
And I would also take a teaspoon of odo's oil.
And I would also take 1 frozen banana that has to be very ripe before freezing it. 
And would also take some blueberries as well put It all in the mixer and mix it.  That is my breakfast every morning and it taste very very good. 
I would also take five drops of oregano oil first thing in the morning. 
And before going to bed I would take Natren probiotics, one capsule of all three of them. 
I rarely take the time to give a feedback on anything but I felt this was important because I learnt all this from other reviews. 
After the Absorb Plus arrived and I made myself a shake then fell asleep.  I woke up thinking it was the next day time to get up and start my day when I looked at the clock and it was only 12:13 AM, a little just after midnight.  I slept like a baby, woke feeling so refreshed and feel energy.  Also, I do not feel brain fog that I felt the last few days after my recent IBS flare up.
Thank you for the added links and information you have given me.  I am just soaking it all up.  There is so much for me to learn. 
A.S., California, USA
Hello Jini! I recently used the elemental kit diet, a month ago i came down with a bad case of diverticulitis, very painful and swollen, even my bladder was in pain, I could hardly walk. I now believe the flair up was caused by a steroid epidural I had 2 weeks...
"I'm healing!  The soft bowel movements are helping"
J.W., Alabama, USA
I think probiotics has been the key to my remission, well one key anyway...
S.D., California, USA
Listen to Your Gut and Jini Patel literally changed, and may have saved, my life..
I started to use the Absorb Plus shakes a few weeks ago. As someone who suffers from UC I have been having chronic diarrhea...
Absorb Plus is a GOD SEND, making my healing journey more enjoyable and energetic..
K.I., Kentucky, USA
The shakes have given her much needed nutrition and bowel rest. She has also been able to gain some weight back that she lost during a severe flare...
M.F., Abu Dhabi, AE
I have Crohn's disease and currently in hospital having a sixth bowel resection. I have used the shakes in multiple ways, on good symptom free months..
I went from not being able to eat and losing weight with my severe IBS to maintaining my weight, having less pain, and feeling better and more energized..
I have your elemental shake every weekday morning and would be lost without it..
S.D., Maryland
I have used Absorb Plus for a while now. I truly like the shake. It calms down my stomach and it also helps me sleep better. So I have more energy during the day...
S.H., Indiana
I was in severe abdominal pain for several months.  The doctor put me on an antidepressants and said it might help in 6 to 8 weeks and there was nothing else he could do.  I consumed only the shake for one week to give my bowels a rest and by the end of the week my pain was all gone. I'm very thankful for Absorb Plus for both my sister and me...
C.S., Australia
Absorb has been THE most effective treatment for me. I'm feeling much better. Thank you for your great product...
A.H., Maryland
Crohn's Disease
I am in my third year of using Absorb Plus. I use it daily to supplement my diet where I restrict myself from certain food types as described in Jini Patel's book 'Listen to your Gut'. I have been making steady progress against 30 years of Crohn's disease by diet and lifestyle changes.  I believe Absorb Plus played a significant role in my comeback...
S.H., California
I finally feel like a normal person again and don't want to go back to being the blown up blueberry girl in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Thanks for all the great information and a way to get back to normal...
M.R., Pennsylvania
I can say that I feel great after drinking the shakes and they totally agree with me. I don't think that I'll ever want to go back to solid food for breakfast again as nothing has been comparable to start the day. And, a shake is perfect for a meal before bed. I'm most grateful in knowing that I have a product that I can use for flare-ups...
W.D., New York
I am happy to tell you how much I enjoy Absorb Plus. I always had digestive problems and started to take Absorb Plus as a midnight snack. It did help me to feel comfortable...
Y.W., B.C., Canada
Within 6 weeks I stopped bleeding, after a year of bleeding! I'm now on 2 Asacol a day and I haven't bled since, I tell everyone about Absorb Plus, health food stores, naturopaths, homeopaths basically anyone who is interested in helping those of us with IBD. Absorb Plus saved my life! ...
S.A., Georgia
I am writing to tell you how much your product has helped me. I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative pan-colitis about 18 months ago. I went from being a healthy vegetarian of 15 years to a skinny, malnourished person who can eat very little without experiencing severe pain and other complications.  Absorb Plus has helped me dramatically.  It has made coping with this terrible disease much easier...
D.S., Texas
I have been using Absorb Plus for over a year now. It is so great to have these shakes to rely on instead of drugs. I have not had to go on prednisone, because the Absorb Plus gets me back on the right track naturally. My GI Doc has finally agreed to stop pestering me about taking pred. to get me into remission as long as the Absorb Plus is doing its job. So far, so good. Thank you to all involved in supplying Absorb Plus to the public.
M.M., Amsterdam, Netherlands
I used (Absorb Plus) during my pregnancy and after the birth of my first child. I am still using it every time I feel a cold coming up or when I am having a lot of stress and feel tired. I find the shakes easy to use, offering good quality, supporting my needs exactly as I need it...
H.S., California
I suffer with Ulcerative Colitis and due to the nature of the disease, I was not able to do my daily activities.  I learned about Absorb Plus from Jini Patel's book and started taking 2 Absorb Plus shakes daily. Guess what: Now I feel fresh and have gained some of the weight I lost - Thanks to Absorb Plus...
R.N., B.C., Canada
In the past, a flare up of my Ulcerative Colitis would almost always lead to a fairly severe amount of weight loss. Once I started using Absorb Plus, I discovered that I could maintain my weight during my flare ups by replacing several meals with the tasty shakes. The stress of deciding what to eat is diminished greatly by having the option of a healthy and easy to digest shake...
R.L., Pennsylvania
On my worst days I consume nothing but Absorb Plus and my body rewards me with a sense of better well-being. Also, your loyalty program works like clockwork. I didn't even have to ask for my free tubs- Thanks! ...
S.L., Colorado
As I said, I still have a chocolate Absorb shake for breakfast. It's my favorite flavor. I find them most satisfying and filling. I just reordered enough for the next few months. My internist was so impressed by the Absorb product and probiotic program that he has suggested this regimen to some of his other patients. I can't thank you enough for your products, your research and your supportive books...
C.M., B.C., Canada
I'm 38 and suffer from ulcerative colitis and celiac disease.  The combination of these two conditions have left me weakened and undernourished with regular stomach pain, often chronic. Absorb Plus came to my attention at a difficult time recently and helped me overcome it. I was not able to tolerate solid food well so getting my nutrients in a drink was great. I was amazed how easily my stomach digested Absorb Plus and the pleasant full feeling it gave me...
S.S., Ontario, Canada
Having recently undergone the second of two major surgeries for severe ulcerative colitis, I decided to go on a two week course of Absorb Plus (exclusively, no other food) with the goal of restoring balance to my gut, losing some weight, and generally "detoxifying" my system.
This is a terrific product. I felt great the whole time I was taking Absorb Plus...
E.D., Ontario, Canada
I decided to try the IBD Remission Diet using Absorb Plus after the onset of a sudden, nasty flare that also resulted inpainful swellings on my legs called erythema nodosum that made it difficult for me to walk. I learned about an elemental diet after having read Jini Patel Thompson's book, Listen To Your Gut. Although initially I felt skeptical about my ability to stay on a completely liquid diet for any length of time, I decided that it seemed like a much better - and safer - option than the ones my G.I. was offering in the form of steroids and immuno-suppressive drugs...
H.W., Middlesex, UK
I first heard of the Absorb Plus shakes in Ms Patel's book. Since I began consuming the shakes I put on half a stone so am up to 6 stone now. I have more energy now and my doctor as well as friends have commented that I have a lot more colour in my face. I have recently had another flair up and so am going on the elemental diet knowing that I won't lose any weight this time.  Thank you so much, I don't know what I would have done if I had not found this product.
D.G., Maryland
I just want to let you know that I love the Absorb Plus Shakes, and so does my husband. He was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis last year and I recently put him on the Remission Diet, since every bite of food he was eating was making him sick...
L.P., New York, USA
I am writing to inform that the Absorb Plus shakes have been working marvelously for me. I have chron's disease and there were days that I could not eat and they helped me get all the nutrients I needed...
M.D., Ontario, Canada
Here's how Absorb Plus has changed my life: Since I started on the Absorb Plus I have gone from being so run down and malnourished that I could barely move around, to achieving the energy levels required to do light housework, yoga and even do the unthinkable - Spring Cleaning & outdoor gardening! ...
S.A., Michigan
Wow! Thanks for the great service! I am just getting started with The Absorb Plus which I was informed about by Jini Patel Thompson in her book, "The IBD Remission Diet". I have had an ongoing GI medical problem for the last 2 and 1/2 years that has not been diagnosed. I have lost 25lbs and am unable to eat most things...
G.M., Alberta, Canada
I have been using Absorb Plus for the last month as recommended in Jini Patel's book as a part of the Elemental Diet. I must say the taste & variety provided are fantastic! I was somewhat hesitant since there are only 3 flavours available, but have realized there is quite a bit of variety available especially when experimenting with mixing the flavours and I urge others to do the same! ...
P.M., New Jersey
I was very surprised that it tasted good. I have tried other elemental products only to decide that I couldn't stay on an elemental diet because I couldn't drink the stuff. I am very pleased with the ease of preparation of your product and the taste. My favorite flavor is the French Vanilla.
A.H., Maryland
I have been using Absorb Plus for several months now. I tried it at the suggestion of Jini Patel Thompson. I truly like each of the three flavours, probably vanilla the best. I generally combine two flavours with vanilla the predominant. I have grown to like each enough that I look at Absorb Plus as a dessert that just happens to provide a nutritional balance that I need.
L.M., Virginia
Hi! I am 16 years old and have had Crohn's disease for about 6 years. I had tried many types of medicines to get my flares under control, but none of them seemed to work that well. My doctor told me to drink nutrient shakes orally or consume them using GI tube feedings.  My advice is: Don't have negative thoughts about tasting Absorb Plus for the first time, they really are that good! These shakes are kid and teenager approved! Thank you for making such a great product! ...
J.B., Yorkshire, UK
Despite not liking milkshakes, I have tried Absorb plus for the first Time and straightaway had success by excluding all other foods; within two days, much of my pain had subsided and I returned to a normal diet.
K.B., Michigan
Listen to the audio:
Using Absorb Plus as a supplement, he has gained three pounds in two weeks!! What a difference! He looks so much better and has so much energy! He is playing basketball, skiing and snowboarding. His color is great and he feels really good. Our doctor was impressed. He wants to start weaning our son off his medication. Thank you so much for your product...
T.J., Georgia
This is my second time using the product as described in the IBD Remission Diet. I truly believe Jini's claim that the use of Absorb Plus is as effective as Prednisone for my Crohns' disease...
A.P., New York
My daughter is 22 years old and has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease when she was 11. Since then she had many flare ups and before learning about Absorb Plus, they were managed with a lot of medication and sometimes elemental diets that tasted awful. This last relapse, just a month ago, she decided to give it a try and go on a liquid diet exclusively on the Absorb Plus (5-6 shakes a day). It was a life saver!!!!!!! ...
A.G., Florida
My 16yr old son has crohn's. He drinks a shake every morning.  Absorb has become an important part of his diet.
T.H., California
I keep Absorb Plus in my home for my 16-year-old daughter who has Crohn's disease. We are treating her complete naturally and this was a wonderful alternative to use for bowel rest when she is not quite feeling right. I hate the idea of giving her a supplement drink with chemicals and preservatives in it. The interesting thing is that I ended up needing it desperately and was so thankful I had 2 complimentary servings that I received from reading Jini-Patel Thompson's book...
L.M., Michigan
I cannot say enough about Absorb Plus. I am 26 yrs old with crohn's disease and as a last resort before going on steroids again I tried the shakes.  By the 7th day I could not believe the amount of energy I had and in general how good I was feeling. It was the best I have felt in months!
G.L., B.C., Canada
I am happy to say that I have been consuming Absorb Plus exclusively for 5 weeks now, with plans to start re-introducing solid food in a week's time. I won't say that it's been entirely easy, but I find Absorb Plus to be delicious (I mix half Vanilla, half Chocolate) and I am confident that I am getting good nutrition from a quality source. I continue to wean myself off Prednisone, and am looking forward to being drug free very soon. Absorb Plus has been an invaluable tool in my ongoing quest for good health...
B.C., Essex, UK
He now has energy, is able to get up easily for school (as easily as any other 17 year old!) and has started a gentle program of weight training.  I'm going to place another order and thought I'd let you know how pleased we are with the results so far! ...
M.G., Illinois
Absorb Plus works for me. I have Crohn's and when it flares up I look to Absorb Plus to replace my urge for coffee in the morning.
B.W, B.C., Canada
After reading Ms. Patel-Thompson's books and experimenting, I have experienced good success using Absorb Plus as a complete food replacement and as an alternative to fasting to give my intestine a rest while still feeding myself. The results have been good, even with some weight gain...
B.G., Colorado
I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2001 at age 23. Over the past two years, I have tried many drugs, treatments and products to manage the symptoms of the disease. In September 2003, I began a low carbohydrate, mostly organic diet, using Absorb Plus as a major supplement to that diet. With the inclusion of Absorb Plus, my symptoms have lessened considerably and I've been able to reduce the amount of medication I am taking considerably.
L.M., Alberta, Canada
I was first diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 1958 and have tried MANY different products over the years. I love Absorb Plus and find it satisfying, and energy giving. It has an ease of digestibility, and adaptation to one's individual health concerns like fat absorption, or balancing fats and sugars...
M.W. Beaufort, North Carolina
Mold Poisoning
I lived on your product when I was sick and bed ridden with mold poisoning...
J Patel Thompson, B.C., Canada
I may be biased because I formulated it, but, I've used Absorb Plus to both gain weight and as a daily supplement shake.  I'm now pregnant with my second child and I have one every morning with all my prenatal supplements as well. Having drunk other protein shakes and mixes for years, you can't even compare the taste difference. Most of the others are really nasty tasting and I've had to force myself to drink them...

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