C.O.,Maryland, USA
I've been using the Mucosaheal for about 2 months now with very good results. During my last colonoscopy, I was told I had some slight diverticulosis which explained why my bowel habits had changed causing me some discomfort. After using the Mucosa for about a week I noticed a very significant improvement with a return to almost what was once normal for me. I take one before I eat anything in the morning and then one again at night before sleep.  If I feel like I'm beginning to have a problem I take one in the middle of the day on an empty stomach.

I will say that my initial problem was mild but I didn't want to wait until it became a serious condition so I started to do some research and your website was very helpful in understanding the whole digestive system.

I am happy that I tried your product and that I am taking proactive steps to prevent any diverticula from becoming infected, the Mucosheal is definitely making things better for me.

Thank you, Jini, for your website and very excellent products.