M.F., Abu Dhabi, AE
I have been using the Absorb Plus shakes on and off for the past 9 years. I have Crohn's disease and currently in hospital having a sixth bowel resection. I have used the shakes in multiple ways, on good symptom free months I supplement my diet with shakes to get more nutrients, protein and calories. During flare ups, after obstructive episodes and after surgery I try to replace as many meals as possible with the shakes. I find them very easy to digest, allows my bowel to recover without the stress of digestion allowing me to get the nutrients and calories my body needs. I have also gone on Absorb plus shakes exclusively during the worst flare ups and it has helped me maintain my weight and energy during those periods.
Regarding the taste, I usually mix any two unsweetened flavors with any two sweetened flavors to get the right sweetness for myself. I find the strawberry and banana coconut too strong to use alone but I use a teaspoon of each to flavor all my shakes. My favorite cocktail is one scoop unflavored vanilla, one scoop unflavored chocolate, one and a half scoops caramel, then a teaspoon of strawberry and banana coconut.
I have shown the ingredients of Absorb plus to all the nutritionists and physicians I have seen over the years and they were all happy with the contents and encouraged me to continue with them. Some have started to prescribe it to their other patients and have thanked me for introducing it to them as it is helping many of their patients.
Personally the shakes have literally saved my life, helped me through many months of flare ups, helped postpone surgeries and allows me to keep strong maintaining calories and strength even with the most inflamed bowel.
Thank you for creating it.