We have seen good results with Mucosaheal and the Absorb Plus shakes. Our daughter was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis approximately 2 months ago.  She was on Prednisone for almost 4 weeks and after weaned off diarrhea and bleeding returned about 6 days later. The shakes have given her bowels the rest she's needed and also helped her gain back some of the weight she'd lost when the flare was at its worst.

We have already recommended Musoheal to 2 friends who have bought if from your site because of what we've shared with people. One friend saw results right away after taking when a Crohn's flare started!  

We are believers in the natural path, but we still have much progress to be made. We're not in the horrific state we were in a couple months ago, but still not where we'd like to be healthwise. 

Thank you so much for the valuable information and insight you provide!!

So glad we found you and LTYG!