I have started on Jini's stricture protocol. She said she wanted to hear from us so here goes.
My background is long and it has taken a decade to put the pieces together. I first found your website in 2014 and got your book and Absorb protein powder. I started learning about super foods a decade ago, thanks to my son and started my path of super foods and cutting out gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol. (What can I say, I'm a musician and work in a restaurant/bar).

My husband laughs and says "You should be Super woman for all the super foods and supplements you've been on for 10 years!". The better I ate the sicker I got. I knew instinctively it was all gut related but thought it was more candida so I got on the Wholeapproach protocol. Better but not best?
In 2015, I went to Dr William J. Rea's  Environmental Allergy clinic in Dallas only to have him diagnose Hypogammaglobulinemia. It seemed excessive and since I actually have a young friend who DOES have that, I dismissed it. I knew I was not as "allergic" as any of his other patients from all over the world and I had run out of money!
About a year and a half ago, I started having anaphylactoid reactions 1 to 3 times a week. My face would swell up but thank heavens it stopped before having to use an Epi pen. (I have the proof in lovely pictures)  I searched Histamines and found Healinghistamine and thru Yasmina's story. Started on a low histamine/low oxalate diet. (I also started having symptoms of  vulvadynia. re:oxalates)

In 2016 i had a hard fall and a lot of medical marijuana fell into my lap in the form of an extraction I put in capsules. I think this saved my life because even though I never had an immediate reaction to Fluoroquinolones, I have since realized I do have fluoroquinolone toxicity which causes all the "allergic" reactions to medicines, foods, anything really.
In 2016 I was hospitalized after a colonoscopy for infection (my absolute downfall). There I was given two rounds (in 2 separate weeks) of Cipro and Flagyl. (My Dr had also told me at that time I would need surgery at some point). As you probably know, as bad as fluoroquinolones are, Flagyl (I later found) wipes the oxalobactor formingenes bacteria out of the gut. The bacteria whose sole purpose it is to munch on your oxalates! By this time I had worked my way up to Dr Terry Wahls autoimmune diet and was eating 6 to 9 cups of spinach and kale etc. I have since found out that all the BEST food and supplements are usually extremely high in oxalates. No wonder I felt horrible!

In the interim I had a DNA test done to find I am an undermethylator. I have the MTHFR SNiP that has everything to do with depression, CNS, etc. Two years ago I lost my job of 27 years, my mom broke her hip, moved in with me, right in time for hurricane harvey then my husband and son were fired (from same restaurant). Mom died last Feb. and I lost my only pain reliever, I became sensitized to my cannabis. Let me say that it is a miracle I haven't committed suicide. (I am better now!)

I had DMSO and had studied it extensively so I shaved my head (I was wasting expensive oils in my hair) and I started using Dmso and my clinical grade oils on my head for my migraines. It has been very helpful!

Last month my gut stopped finally after slowing for a while. I thought it was the cannabis but now realize that the fluoroquinolones dry up all your mucus membranes. Lord knows you can't make this crap up? So even though I think I don't have a stricture I know I have anal stenosis because it comes out like rocks.

I have started the oral DMSO with all you recommend. I make my own Colloidal silver because I am broke. It may not be quite as strong as your brand so I swig a bit more during the day. I am TRYING to stay on liquids but have limited foods left once I take out high histamine and oxalates. So I have just ordered your vegan protein powder and I usually add collagen daily. I cannot have bone broth because it is high histamine as well as cod liver oil so I take Black seed oil which is good for omega3's and its mast cell stabilizing. I couldn't get your mucosaheal because slippery elm is extremely high in oxalates. So I got NAG, and DGL and Glutamine as well.

I appreciate your realization that one has to listen to ones own intuition. The voice in my head had already told me to "drink this" (not unlike Alice in Wonderland ;-) but your protocol obviously reiterated that command.

I will say, that when my mom was ill and I was going down that path, I let "junk food PANDORA" out of her box and letting go of comfort foods is much harder the 2nd time around?!

My hubby makes me chicken soup and we freeze leftovers to halt histamines as well as butternut squash soup. I have to tell you, after a couple weeks of your dmso protocol, I am much better. Even when I fail the food fight, my reactions aren't as  bad at all. I will continue the protocol for as many months as I feel I need. When we lost our jobs, we lost insurance so I have nothing to lose and may take Dmso for the rest of my life?

So while I know you would like results from those following your protocol to a T, I can only offer my results from a skewed perspective but I am able to get up and out where I wasn't before!  Thanks so very much!