S.D., California, USA
Just over a year ago, I was experiencing bloody bowel movements. I struggled with chronic diarrhea and gas. I went to a GI doctor who immediately put me on heavy sulfur drugs and enemas. He said my insides were “angry" and inflamed. I did as I was prescribed for 3 weeks and the symptoms went away. However, within a week of finishing the medication, the symptoms returned. I am not a believer in masking symptoms. I always want to go to the root of the problem. 
I starting researching on line and, thank God, I found the LTYG website. I bought Jini’s books and everything she said made sense and resonated with me. I immediately started on the Absorb Plus shakes and the aloe vera/mucosaheal/oregano oil protocol. 
My body responded immediately. Within a couple of weeks my bowel movements had changed for the better, there was no blood present and I began feeling great. I was VERY rigorous and followed her suggestions religiously. I did not want to risk colon cancer or something similar. 
Once I had been on the protocol for 2 - 3 weeks, I began introducing foods. I eliminated ALL gluten, sugar, coffee and most dairy. Once I began drinking the shakes, my desire for coffee disappeared. I didn’t even experience the caffeine withdrawal headaches when I stopped drinking coffee. Absorb Plus was, and still is, a miracle for me. 
Today, over a year later, I start my day with a shake. I have continued on my diet and I have had no food allergy symptoms. I am certain that what I was eating was completely affecting my insides, in a horrible way. I never want to go back to what I was doing before (and I considered myself a healthy eater!).

I now eat chicken, fish, vegetables, gluten free breads, coconut and almond milk. I eat a small amount of cheese from time to time and yogurt. I find they do not bother me. Some days I drink 2 - 3 shakes, other days just one. It depends on my day, how busy I am,etc.
Absorb Plus is expensive. But I feel my health is definitely worth it!
I highly suggest Absorb Plus and Jini’s protocol to anyone suffering from IBS or similar symptoms!