I am experiencing remarkable results with the Stricture Heal Protocol. I have actually been able to cancel a “Robotic Surgery” for a resection of the descending colon, that I was scheduled for on April 17th. I know I’m not completely healed yet, but diligently working on it. Encouraging evidence of  improvement, after my 7th Treatment! I have done 26 Treatments as of last night, at half strength of the DMSO, but had to eliminate the Iodide after 3 treatments, due to the impact it was having on my thyroid. I am working on the elimination of the Miralax, that I have been on for 3 years, and now have it down to 1 teaspoon a day vs. the 1/2 bottle cap I had been on. I have been doing colonic massage several times a day, and also DMSO Gel (from the same company you recommended for the liquid) a couple times a day, over and above, my 1 or 2 full Stricture Heal treatments a day. 
I have been keeping a detailed daily journal of my progress. I have learned so much from your Site, and I am so Thankful for you, and your knowledge in regard. I look forward to the day, that an ultrasound is evidence of my total healing! 
I can’t Thank You enough Jini! 
I will continue to ...... Listen To My Gut !
Your Grateful Friend, D