L.M., New York, USA
Just want to let you know I have seen great improvement since I have been using MucosaHeal. Less and less bleeding and I am down to two or three bowel movements with formed stool. The bleeding though still comes and goes, but it’s definitely not the stale foul blood as before. Even though I wish the bleeding would just be gone. I was also able to do the enema three times by myself using the little bottle and once with assistance where I used the bag. I just need to get someone to help me to do it properly two or three times and I think the bleeding would stop. I am working on doing that.  
Diarrhea has cleared up a lot from ten or more uncontrollable BM’s per day. Now I don’t have to be in such a mad rush to get to the bathroom. My stool is forming nicely. I'm doing MucosaHeal only at bedtime now. It’s all coming together. I’m waiting on my probiotics to get here so I can take that as well.