J.W., Alabama, USA
I think probiotics has been the key to my remission, well one key anyway.  I've been taking Natren and lots and lots of honey.
I've been drinking a lot of tea (an excuse to drink honey). My stool is solid for the first time in 2 years!!! I've got just a slight bleed, but no more fistula!!  
I just want to say that my wife and I have recently done a great deal of biblical reconciliation (taking the score of who hurt whom back to a score of 0-0.  
I believe this has made the biggest difference.  I implore you to consider how to make forgiveness a part of what you consider for Crohn's patients.  
I'm enjoying the first remission in two years!!! I'm up from 148 to 163 lbs!!! thank you for all of your products especially absorb plus and mucosoheal, the combination of which has led me to a more responsible lifestyle.