M.J., Texas, USA
Pain is gone, but realize I have much more healing to do. This condition has been with me for many years, and still have some slight residual soreness.
I had adhesions that was further complicated with the rectocele. This entire condition was brought by 3 major lower abdominal surgeries(and probably contributed- 2  childbirths also) 
that lessen the integrity of my colon, and created all the scar tissue. But I'm on my way to conquering what had been very frightening and completely depleted my energy. More than grateful for the wonderful help through her research. Thank you for The Rectal Stricture eBook which gave me more tools to know how to heal myself. Her site is a God send to me when there was little out there, but so many surgical procedures and  powerful drugs that only treated the symptoms. Like her holistic mind set, which is where I have arrived at going back to a few years ago. Her site is a 5 Star Effort.