A.D. Canada
First of all, I would like to thank Dane Johnson for the video from YouTube:
That's how I found out of Absorb Plus. 
I have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease 4 months ago I haven't been feeling good for 3 years. 
I had been feeling very weak.
Since I started using Absorb Plus a month ago I noticed feeling a bit stronger and not as sensitive to certain foods.
Here is how I make my shake first in the morning before going to work and if I don't feel very good coming home from work I would have another shake for supper.
I would take a bit more than a cup of water in the mixer and 3 to 4 scoops of Absorb Plus. Sometimes I would mix it with different flavors.  I would also take one capsule of magnesium.  I would just open them and pour in the powder. 
And I would take grounded slippery elm bark. 
And maca root and glutamine all in powder half a teaspoon of each. 
And I would also take a teaspoon of odo's oil.
And I would also take 1 frozen banana that has to be very ripe before freezing it. 
And would also take some blueberries as well put It all in the mixer and mix it.  That is my breakfast every morning and it taste very very good. 
I would also take five drops of oregano oil first thing in the morning. 
And before going to bed I would take Natren probiotics, one capsule of all three of them. 
I rarely take the time to give a feedback on anything but I felt this was important because I learnt all this from other reviews.