P. C. Wisconsin, USA
Hi Jini and the wonderful Absorb Plus team, Thank you for the high quality product you offer; it is truly amazing. My son and I were completely satisfied with your product, and it even impressed my son's nutritionist in how perfectly it worked for him (he has chemical sensitivities and many food issues). My son used all of the Absorb Plus that we ordered, and it definitely helped him. He continued to have one meal per day while using the shakes. I am unable to afford this product, however, and am planning to ask his rheumatologist if there is any chance of the Absorb Plus being covered by his insurance. We will see the rheumatologist again mid-February. My son has a diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis since August of 2016, plus he has a cognitive disability and scoliosis. He doesn't have a diagnosis of Crohn's, but when he started coming off of the Prednisone that the rheumatologist put him on back in August, he developed Crohn's symptoms. I thought he had a virus at first, and treated him naturally (therapeutic enzymes, essential oils, etc.). He continued to get worse as time went on, and I found myself reading about Crohn's. Having studied natural medicine on my own, I realized that an elemental diet would help him, whatever his problem was, and then was elated to find your product. Actually, I tried it myself and loved it, because it was the first time I could remember eating and feeling only satisfied, and not like the food was doing something to me. I have recommended your product to many people already, and they're all devouring the information I give them. I even gave away most of the empty containers to my friends. This reminds me, I was wondering if you have something like tri-fold brochures that I can give to people. I live in northern Wisconsin. There is a natural spring just outside of town that many, many people go to for water. It's free, and it's spring water. The spring, however, is not always safe to drink from, and is even regularly closed by the city. I feel that this spring is part of the reason for the higher-than-average incidences of Celiac, Crohn's, and other intestinal conditions in this area. When we moved here we were told you have to "get used to the water." To me, that means "don't drink it." Anyway, there are a lot of people here that need help, and if you have brochures, I could easily give away a few hundred. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service, and the special gifts you sent with our December orders. They're very high quality. I shared a few of them with the owner of a local large natural store in town, and discovered that they already carry your shampoo. Her sister-in-law loves the hand lotion, and uses it every day now.