S.N., California, USA.
Thank you so much for the very kind addition of some wonderful gifts in my recent purchase of Aborb Plus.  I'm a new-ish customer and was just reordering my second Kg tub of the product since I found it so beneficial.  When I opened it up and saw all the other nice products, I was initially concerned that I had received someone else's order by mistake.  Fortunately, I saw the greeting card and realized you were treating your customers to a Holiday gift.  As someone who works in the medical marketing field, you have no idea what a wonderful lasting impression that can make.  Keep up the great products, and you have not only a customer for life, but a referring doc as well!  Whoever made that decision in marketing are wise folks!  Most company CEOs would put a damper on that not realizing how good will has an incredible "ROI".