S.S., Tennessee, USA.
I have spent (what I consider) a lot of money at LTYG. I wish I didn't need to but that's not the point I wish to make. The products and services are superb. My last order was not sent when I thought it would be, I received an email informing me of this and that delivery would be after I had left my then location.  It was probiotics so this became a problem for me. I sent emails and chat messages but it was the weekend. To my delight Monday morning the problem was handled, by last minute changes in my order. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You 
I received my order at my new location (a hotel), correct, on time and still cold. Upon opening the order I was delighted to see gifts to pamper away any holiday stress. I love the products, great marketing, for I shall replenish them once they are depleted.  The only negative to my whole experience was having to have my husband speak with someone with a thick accent, this only being a problem because I am hearing impaired.