N.B. Canada
I started your topical treatment for intestinal strictures about a month
ago and the results have been excellent.
I suffer from a bowel stricture near the anus. I had a full hysterectomy
due to severe endometriosis, in March of 2014. The majority of it was
adhered to my bowel and last summer, August 2015, I began to suffer
symptoms from the adhesions and scar tissue narrowing my bowel. After a CT
colonography, several abdominal x-rays and a flex sigmoidoscopy, my doctors
confirmed that it was a narrowing of my bowel and there was no sign of
endometriosis or any disease causing the stricture.  They felt that any
surgery to repair would only cause more damage. Their recommendation was
pain management and diet manipulation. By the time I found your treatment,
my bowel movements were frequent and the size of a TicTac, causing severe
constipation, accompanied by debilitating gas pain and cramping. It was
impossible to function during these periods and I was unable to work. The
frequency was increasing and I was often incapacitated for 2 to 3 days at a
time.  I felt that this would only get worse and that pain medication would
not help, it would only treat or mask the symptoms. I needed to find a way
to heal myself.
I have to say that I am immensely pleased with the results from using your
treatment. I will need to continue the treatment for a while but there has
been a huge difference already! I noticed a difference by day three and
there is improvement every day!  I have not had an 'episode' since I
started about a month ago! I have told several friends who suffer from
Crohns and IBS to look up your site and I hope they get results/relief too!
I am lucky in that I don't suffer from those conditions but I was suffering
and it had a huge effect on my life though I now feel like I am getting
back to normal, slowly but truly.  I am thankful that you developed this
treatment and hope that you continue your work to help other people find
healing and relief.