AbsorbPlus has been tremendously helpful to me. I've been recovering from Crohn's Disease for 16 years now. I came across AbsorbPlus in 2013 (I think). It has helped me through many flares. Although I haven't followed Jini's recommendations exactly, I have explored much of what she suggests. The biggest piece for me is that she's done it. She's recovered her health. That, on its own, has been a huge support for me (along with the knowledge that there are at least 10 others around (I discovered this through friends and through the on-line "Heal your Crohn's Summit" in which Jini participated)). I know it can be done. It's just been a question of figuring out what works for me (and surviving the rough ride!). My blood work is now almost normal. If this trend continues (which is likely), I will soon break a 16 year record (that's how long I've been doing monthly blood tests)! Please thank her for her book, her AbsorbPlus, her website, and for being so public that it is possible to heal from this illness. Blessings to you all.