I had a chat with LTYG last week (Thursday) because I was feeling a little despondent. I had been on the blood reducing diet for 2 weeks and the elemental for three, plus Oil of oregano, mucosa heal, and probiotics for 5 weeks. I was not seeing sufficient change in my symptoms and was scared and frustrated.  The next day my symptoms started to turn around. This morning I am almost symptom-free. This is remarkable as my symptoms were quite severe. My problem now is that I have hit a wall with the absorb plus. I just hate them, especially the flavored ones. I am grateful for them, but I don't like them. Yesterday I ate a banana and a piece of toast all day. That is the first solid food that I've had in three weeks. I just could not make myself drink another shake.
So, today I am going to do my best to go back on the shakes.  I really don't want to relapse by quitting before I am healed.
I can not express my gratitude towards Jini, her dedication to all of the people suffering from IBD/Crohns/colitis, her research, her protocols and her willingness to share information.