I bought all the components for Stricture Heal and mixed them and began using them. Then I did more research about DMSO and decided to try just mixing that with Oregano Oil (diluting it with olive oil) and applying it with fingers to my anal fistula. I figured it would penetrate the tissue without the ordeal of using the dropper. The fistula does seem to be closing both by the anus and through to vaginal wall. The cyst at the anus doesn’t seem to have changed but I am giving it time. I am also taking DMSO - 1 Tablespoon of half DMSO half Aloe Vera internally. It seems to be helping my RA and my gut. I also follow the simple diet - dry curd cottage cheese, fresh apple juice gelatin (I just got the Great Lakes gelatin which I’m liking) are some stables.
Thanks for all the research you do and for your great site. I have to admit that I am often overwhelmed with the amount of information you put out that pertains to me.