C.L., Asia
My Husband has been using absorb plus for about 4 to 5 years now. He has crohns and during a flare up, he uses this drink to help him put on weight. We usually have a tub or 2 at home for standby. Sometimes, he will take it after his gym exercise to pump up his protein intake. We like to take one scope of chocolate and 3 scoops of unsweetened vanilla. Last year, I was diagnosed with advanced stage ovarian cancer and went through an intense chemotherapy session. During the treatment, my weight went own to merely 70 pounds as I couldn't eat or swallow much and the hospital gave me enure and prosure which I think it's too sweet. My husband then suggested absorb plus. I started taking about 2 drinks a day. I have very bad nausea but I force my self to take it anyway. The absorb plus gave me the energy that I desperately needed. Later on, to pump up the calories, I add avocado/banana and oil and blend it together. I just want to say thank you.