I made it work and I'm glad. I could of kept my 2nd tub but I also need the book. I've healed my self numerous of times in the past but I don't have all the answers. I found u guys years ago actually. No more sleeping on LTYG. I did the research and realized that 1% of milk isn't bad at all compared to 100%. Besides I have a sensitivity, not an allergy. My diarrhea went away long before I started Absorb Plus, but my intestinal lining is still healing and I'm still adding on needed pounds I lost, so I know it's beneficial. 

I take a multi digestive enzyme that supports dairy digestion also right before the shake. I blend 3 scoops of Unsweetened with distilled or purified water, a little flax oil (my fat tolerance is going up) and frozen bananas. So shocked that it taste great without almond milk. I usually can never have an only water shake. The more I drink, the more my body tolerates it. Looks like I'll be ordering more soon. I was scared at first. I'm gluten free and dairy free and it has been forever since I've had whey protein. I usually buy vegan proteins. Even more energy and weight is going up faster than before. Happy and surprised that I'm drinking whey again. The price actually matches the quality. They don't make these around and I never saw anything like it.