Thank you for your message, your book and Absorb Plus!!
I feel so grateful to have come across it.

My six year old has been diagnosed with Crohns almost three years ago and though she is not a severe case, the meds and a special diet didnt do it for her. She did an EEN with Absob Plus and your regimen this summer for 3 months. It was hard, me and my husband did it with her and it helped her to get rid of the meds (no 4 months without) and also my husband to feel better. I was the only one who had trouble with my kidneys and lost a huge amount of hair during the course.

However, all uncomfort was worth getting her of meds and learn about all the Supplements which she still gets and who will hopefully continue to Support her journey to health :-)

Thank you so much for this!
I wish everyone would know about this possibility and having the Choice of Healing yourself!!