Whenever I do the Rectal StrictureHeal, I try to listen to the Guided Connection audio as much as possible. Usually, I do Rectal StrictureHeal protocol every day, then the Guided Connection 2-3 times a week.

I have found the audio to be very helpful in totally and completely relaxing both my body and my mind. The audio creates a very soothing and peaceful visual while I do the castor oil pack right after the Rectal protocol.

Overall, the audio has been very helpful during the Rectal StrictureHeal protocol. I've only been on the 40% solution for a little over a month, so I have a ways to go. But I have already noticed small changes here and there (general softness/flexibility in the area, hemorrhoid almost completely gone).

These protocols have been wonderful in my healing journey! Oh, and your Absorb Plus shakes are amazing (French Vanilla all the way!). I've been drinking nothing but those for the last three months, and they've given my gut the break/rest/healing it's desperately needed for quite some time now. It feels so good finally being able to heal yourself from the inside, out!

Thank you again!