A.H., Maryland
Crohn's Disease
"I am in my third year of using Absorb Plus. I use it daily to supplement my diet where I restrict myself from certain food types as described in Jini Patel's book 'Listen to your Gut'. I have been making steady progress against 30 years of Crohn's disease by diet and lifestyle changes. I generally combine the different flavors of Absorb Plus and use a heavier chocolate serving late in the day as my dessert.
Well, two months ago my colonoscopy showed that much of my inflammation had healed and my Crohn's was not active. Wow, although I was not surprised, I was very elated. Three years ago, the doctors wanted to perform surgery because my inflammation was too great to perform a colon exam. I said no to that, did my research, and made changes to help myself. I believe Absorb Plus played a significant role in my comeback."