P.M., Michigan, USA
"I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 13 years ago and have found in the past that the use of carbohydrate specific diet (which is based on an elemental diet), along with medication, has help put my Crohn's into remission. The unfortunate part is the amount of labor involved in preparing diet conforming foods. Preparing food for the diet became a "stresser" in itself and reduces its usefulness.
What I like about your product is that it supports an elemental diet, which has been shown facilitate the remission of Crohn's, is easy to use, has a pleasant taste, and most importantly my symptoms of Crohn's appear to diminish when I am on the diet. Unfortunately, I have not been disciplined enough to stay strictly on it for more than a week at a time, but I found that even having shakes during the day and dinner at night is better that not being on the diet at all. Simply put, the more strictly I adhere to the diet, the better I feel. I feel pretty strongly that your product has and can help maintain
In fact, I mentioned your product and the elemental diet to my very critical gastroenterologist and he told me that in certain countries an elemental diet is used to treat Crohn's and he would be interested in more information. (no, I will not give you his name, but I would pass on to him any literature that is scientific in nature) I was very surprised at this since he has NEVER made such an offer in any other of our discussions."