G.B., California, USA
"Hello! Just want to thank you very much again for such a great product! I have Crohn's disease and was in the hospital on TPN (IV feeding) due to complications, severe weight loss, dehydration, malnutrition and malabsorbtion. My doctor ordered that I remain on TPN for possibly a month or, when ready, switch to an elemental diet only. Luckily, my boyfriend had brought a jar of Absorb Plus to the hospital and I was able to slowly start drinking it. The doctors, nurses and dietitions were all impressed with your product as well. Having Absorb Plus allowed me to discontinue TPN and leave the hospital! The flavors are quite delicious and filling as well. I slowly started gaining weight and strength by drinking 4 to 8 shakes a day as an exclusive elemental diet. 
Thank you also, Jini, for your book "Listen To Your Gut", it has been very helpful too. I'm slowly getting better and am optomistic that I'll be healthy and strong again! Thank you so much again for Absorb Plus and everyone's help and kindness! Peace and Happiness to all!"