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Digestive Disorders > Books > LISTEN TO YOUR COLON: The Complete Natural Healing Guide for Constipation
LISTEN TO YOUR COLON: The Complete Natural Healing Guide for Constipation

A complete tried and true natural treatment for both short-term relief and long-term healing of constipation and related conditions like hemorrhoids and fissures. Author Jini Patel Thompson guides you in determining the most effective constipation remedies for your type of constipation. More...

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Or as an eBook - $9.95

Constipation Pooping Positions
Whether you suffer from Peristaltic Constipation or Stenosis Constipation, Jini Patel Thompson shows you various positions you can use to facilitate a bowel movement, along with Colonic Massage.

Colon and bowel syndrome expert Jini Patel Thompson shares her innovative and effective natural remedies for constipation, and for the troublesome conditions that often accompany constipation, such as hemorrhoids, rectal or anal stricture, or rectal and anal fissures. 
Jini’s emphasis is on natural, holistic healing to address the root cause of a symptom, rather than merely suppressing it. The goal of holistic healing is not to take herbal supplements to suppress your symptoms (the same way drugs do), but rather to heal the imbalance or disease in your body that is causing the constipation.
Were you aware that long-term laxative use trains your colon’s peristaltic mechanism (rhythmic contractions of the intestinal wall) to switch off, and can also damage bowel nerves, muscle and tissues?  Or that, if medication is contributing to your constipation problem, fiber supplements may actually make the problem worse rather than helping?
Did you know there are actually two different types of constipation - peristaltic and stenosis - and that the best constipation treatment for you depends upon which type of constipation you have?
This innovative and informative book helps you identify the components and causes behind your constipation (medications, dehydration, poor diet, stress, anal stenosis, trauma, mineral and nutrient deficiency, a lack of healthy bacteria in your gut, poor bowel habits, etc.), and then shows you exactly what to do to balance and heal your unique body. 

Here are just some of the natural treatments detailed in this book:
  • Herbal colon cleansing
  • Enema colon flushing
  • Therapeutic probiotics and Probiotic Retention Enema
  • Wild oregano oil to clear parasites, yeast, fungus, etc.
  • Spastic Colon Factors and Treatment
  • Magnesium/Potassium to relax the sphincter muscles
  • Colonic massage to help your colon have a bowel movement
  • Psyllium and aloe mixture to soften and bulk stools
  • FissureHeal, HemorrHeal for anal fissures or hemorrhoids
  • The mind/body connection with constipation; how your stress and emotions influence biochemical responses in your gut that can slow down (or speed up) gut motility and peristalsis (the rhythmic, muscular contractions of your intestines)
  • Dietary Guidelines - using food to prevent constipation and keep your bowel healthy
If you've been suffering from daily discomfort due to constipation, it's understandable that you're in a hurry to have it go away - and the sooner, the better! And that's what Listen To Your Colon shows you how to do. Not only will you get quick relief, but you can also heal the long-term, underlying causes of your constipation.  
Jini also shows parents how to adapt her natural healing remedies and treatments for children with constipation. As well, Listen To Your Colon contains a chapter with help for those with spastic colon – a random mix of constipation, diarrheas and spasming.
In this important book, digestive disease expert Jini Patel Thompson gives you tested, successful remedies for both short-term relief (when ya gotta go!) and the long-term resolution of chronic constipation. Even if you've been living with constipation for what seems like forever, it is possible to heal it, and Listen To Your Colon can show you how.


When you purchase either the eBook or Softcover book, you will also receive these 2 free bonuses to fast-track your healing:

Teleseminar on Mind/Body Healing with international bestselling author, Dr. Gabor Mate, MD (author of When The Body Says No)
Learn how your autonomic nervous system controls your internal anal sphincter muscle – if it won't open, you can't have a bowel movement! And also learn what you can do to access this mechanism and get it functioning normally. You will receive both the mp3 audio recording and the written pdf transcript of this amazing call.

Interview with Probiotics Expert Natasha Trenev
Getting your gut flora healthy is a major component of the long-term healing of constipation. Without a healthy bacterial flora throughout your gastrointestinal tract, you cannot digest your food properly, absorb nutrients, nor excrete properly. If you've ever been on antibiotics, had food poisoning or traveller's diarrhea, or taken a medication that causes constipation, this is information that will transform your health. Again, you will receive both the mp3 audio and the written pdf transcript of this interview.

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Listen to Your Colon
Click Here for the full Table of Contents
Chapter One
Your Journey to Health
The first chapter of Listen to Your Colon teaches you how to use herbal supplements as part of a holistic healing journey, addressing the root cause of a symptom rather than suppressing it. You’ll learn how to introduce supplements, and how to make sure your supplements meet the claims made on their label (up to 80% of them don’t). This chapter also offers valuable information on what to do if you’re not seeing the desired results.
Chapter Two
Constipation Factors and Treatment
This chapter will help you determine the cause or causes of your constipation, and what type of constipation you suffer from (peristaltic or stenosis). Jini underlines the importance of identifying and reducing stress to treat constipation, and teaches you how to use the mind/body connection to communicate with your colon in order to “negotiate” changes in your bowel habits. This chapter introduces several effective constipation treatments, including wild oregano oil, colonic massage, enemas, probiotics, and natural substances like psyllium, magnesium and potassium. Jini also explains how to treat hemorrhoids, strictures and fissures, and how to adapt all of these protocols to treat children.
Chapter Three
Spastic Colon Factors and Treatment
Spastic colon is when your colon suffers from random attacks of diarrhea, constipation and spasming. This chapter examines the cause(s) of spastic colon, and introduces a number of effective natural treatments for adults and children, depending on your age and your symptoms. These treatments include colonic massage, stress reduction, and supplements like probiotics, psyllium seed, bentonite clay, and peppermint oil. 
Chapter Four
Dietary Guidelines
Jini explains the effect diet can have on your colon. She identifies which foods are known to cause or worsen constipation, which foods can alleviate it, and the two best dietary changes you can make to relieve constipation. She describes the importance and use of a food diary to discover how to customize your diet to your body’s tolerances. Other topics include the role of gluten sensitivity (celiac disease) in constipation, diarrhea, and bowel inflammation; soluble vs insoluble fiber, and the importance of “good fats” in your diet. The chapter closes with an ongoing maintenance diet to ensure good bowel health for the entire family.
Chapter Five
Why You Should Avoid Pharmaceutical Drugs
Jini sees symptoms as messages, and points out that while taking a drug may suppress a symptom and give you temporary relief, you are left with an even bigger problem when the symptom eventually returns (as you have not identified and healed the root cause). You then not only have to deal with the symptom, but also with the damage done to your body by the drug, and with detoxifying from the drug. Learn about the drugs most commonly prescribed to treat chronic constipation, and their possible side effects. Jini coaches you in how to look beyond the symptom or symptoms to learn what message your body is trying to send you.
Chapter Six
Other Strategies and Resources
Listen to Your Colon concludes with a Quick-Action Treatment to help provide you immediate relief from your constipation. Jini also discusses the pros and cons of several other commonly used natural laxatives, including chlorophyll, dandelion leaves, and senna. In closing, Jini provides her readers with a number of resources for further help and information.

Feedback for Listen To Your Colon
"I did the recommended treatment for the constipation as given in Listen To Your Colon and I have been going everyday since. I am very happy with the recommendations from the book and plan to do another probiotic retention enema when I get the rectum healed."
Laurinda K., Illinois
"As I had problems with constipation, my stools were often bloody. Then I ordered your book and started taking vitamin C, Omega-3 oil, MucosaHeal and probiotics. This book is full of useful information one can find nowhere else. I have to admit I did not expect such a complete healing program. I am really happy to be healthy again. What I find as most important is the fact that in case the symptoms reappear I know exactly what to do."
Maria N., South Carolina
"Eleven days after beginning I had my first ‘natural’ bowel movement in more than a year (I have been doing 1 litre warm water enemas for the last couple of years). I am very grateful to your book and will continue with the probiotics and the Magnesium/Potassium. Thank you for your help.
 Kerrie L., New South Wales
"Hi Jini and thank you for this amazing book!  It has really helped me. I did the oil of oregano for about a month along with the probiotics. After the 1st month things started to really improve for me and now I'm going everyday. I'm still taking the probiotics and probably will stay on them for at least another month or so.  Your book has been a big help.  Peace be with you and your family.  May you be truly blessed!
Lance C., Ontario

Also available on Amazon Kindle - $9.95

Or as an eBook - $9.95


LISTEN TO YOUR COLON: The Complete Natural Healing Guide for Constipation


Listen to Your Colon


Chapter One – Your Journey to Health……………………………9
Use Herbal Supplements Holistically
Make Sure Supplements Meet Label Claims
Holistic Healing Is A Journey
What If I'm Not Seeing Results?
How To Introduce Supplements

Chapter Two – Constipation Factors & Treatment……………17
What Causes Constipation?
Mind/Body Interplay
Different Types Of Constipation
Peristaltic Constipation
Stenosis Constipation
The Mind/Body Connection
Communicating With Your Colon
Identifying & Reducing Stress
Awareness of Stress Leads To Action
Bloating Exacerbates Stenosis Constipation
Difficulty Urinating

Constipation Treatments
During A Bowel Movement
Constipation Pooping Positions
Wild Oregano Oil
What To Look For In A Brand
Jini's Wild Oregano Oil Protocol
The Easiest Way To Take Liquid Wild Oregano Oil
Adapting This Protocol For Children

Choosing a Potent Probiotic
Probiotic Dosage
The Herxheimer Effect
Probiotics From Food
Adapting This Protocol For Children

Psyllium Seed Husk
Adapting This Protocol For Children

Magnesium & Potassium
Jini's Raw Nutrient Shake
Peristaltic Constipation
Stenosis Constipation
Do Not Use High-Dose Magnesium Long-Term
Adapting This Protocol For Children

Impacted Feces & Toxic Megacolon
Herbal Colon Cleansing
Enema Colon Cleansing
Colon Flushing Enema
Jini’s Probiotic Retention Enema
Adapting This Protocol For Children
Hemorrhoids & Strictures
Adapting This Protocol For Children
Anal & Rectal Fissures
Adapting This Protocol For Children
Constipation Protocol For Babies
Colonic Massage
Pelvic Floor Dyssynergia
Constipation Treatment Summary
Children’s Constipation Treatment Summary
Chapter Three – Spastic Colon Factors & Treatment………………87
Spastic Colon Treatment
Colonic Massage
Stress Reduction
Psyllium Seed Husks
Bentonite Clay
Peppermint Oil
Spastic Colon Treatment Summary

Chapter Four – Dietary Guidelines…………………………………95
Foods That Worsen Constipation
Gluten Sensitivity
Foods That Relieve Constipation
Good Fats Are Vital
Soluble & Insoluble Fiber
Starchy Foods
Non-starchy Vegetables
Ongoing Maintenance Diet

Chapter Five – Why You Should Avoid Pharmaceutical Drugs……………107
Pharmaceutical Treatments For Constipation
Symptoms As Messages

Chapter Six – Other Strategies & Resources………………………111
Quick-Action Treatment
Further Help & Resources