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InfoLetter Issue #18 - Good Health is Real Wealth
Enjoy single issues of this subscription Infoletter from LTYG Wellness Circle as various experts share their knowledge to help you with specific aspects of your Healing Journey. Read through the descriptions below to find out exactly what's offered in this issue…
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InfoLetter #18 - Good Health is Real Wealth
Master Your Mind
By Cheryl Richardson

Driving in my car on my way to an appointment, I passed a church with a sign announcing the topic of their Sunday sermon. It read: “Are you a Warrior or a Worryah?” As soon as I saw the sign I chuckled and grabbed my iphone to record the idea. Then, I spent the day thinking about ways to shift from being a Worryah to a Warrior. The way I see it, to be a Warrior means to take charge of your thinking, to choose to see opportunities instead of roadblocks, or to absolutely refuse to give in to your distressing mind...

The Food-Mood Connection
By Debbie Sarfati Steinbock
ne of my clients, I’ll call her Jennifer, came to my office suffering from extreme fatigue and complained that everything in life felt like a challenge, including her typical daily routine. Jennifer was always getting sick. If something was going around the office, Jennifer was the first one to catch it and the last one to get rid of it. Dave, another client, came to see me because he was battling a cycle of elation and depression in both mood and energy....
Why You Really Need To Be Gentle and Compassionate With Yourself
by Tom Robinson, M.A.
If you have been reading my articles for a while, you know that I frequently ask you to be gentle and compassionate with yourself when you are having a flare or experiencing painful symptoms because of your illness. I do that because I have seen, again and again, how people’s lives change significantly – and often dramatically – for the better when they do...
Fruit, Fructose & HFCS: How Different Sugars Affect The Body
By Anita Patel
Everyone loves to eat fruit, but lately there are flags around the succulent delights, warning us not to eat too much. Too much sugar is bad, say the pundits and lump together fruit, fructose and high fructose corn syrup. We are warned against anything that spikes our insulin levels - raising the spectre of diabetes....
Mind the GAP
By Annabel Fisher
What happens when you’ve cleared a long standing problem with EFT? Very often there is a feeling of ease, relief, excitement and even curiosity. But sometimes, it’s as if a void is left in its place. It’s almost as if there is a gap; something is missing now...
Tornado Storm Shelters To Sacred Nests
By Reverend Cathy Haven Howard
These are challenging, fast changing times right now. You probably know someone that has been affected by the floods, tornadoes or fires that have been sweeping our world right now. When I was giving an interview recently, I talked about how setting healthy boundaries can prevent long-term physical pain and illness. I’ve considered this a lot lately, because it seems that most of the work I do with clients is based around feeling safe enough to set boundaries and avoid compromise...

Traditional Origins And Benefits Of Slow-Cooking
By Jen Allbritton, CN
Although slow cooking was introduced in the early 1970s, it can be considered a modern version of the time-honored traditional braising, stewing, pot-roasting and Dutch oven cooking methods. All use long cooking times, low temperatures with liquid and a tight fitting lid to keep it all enclosed in a moist environment. These methods typically use indirect heat, such as with an oven, compared to the direct heat applied from fire or a stovetop...
Recipes To Whet Your Slow-Cooker Appetite
By Jen Albritton
Katherine Czapp, in her 2006 Wise Traditions article “Putting the Polish on Those Humble Beans,” provides the key to this “flatulence-free” method of bean preparation. First, soak legumes in hot, not boiling, water. Add approximately a tablespoon or two of some acidic medium to the water – lemon juice, vinegar or whey – to black beans, lentils and fava beans. Water without an acidic medium is fine for other types of beans – white beans, brown beans and dried peas. Hard, mineral-rich water will hinder the hydrating process...

Should You Use Sunscreen?
By Randall Neustaedter OMD
The debate about sunscreens rages on. Dermatologists advise slathering up every day. Nutritionists and holistic doctors advise sun exposure to get vitamin D. Some even say sunscreens cause cancer, and a disturbing study showed that people who used more commercial sunscreen had more melanoma...


InfoLetter Issue #18 - Good Health is Real Wealth


InfoLetter #18 - Good Health is Real Wealth