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InfoLetter Issue #5 - Good Health is Real Wealth
Enjoy single issues of this subscription Infoletter from LTYG Wellness Circle as various experts share their knowledge to help you with specific aspects of your Healing Journey. Read through the descriptions below to find out exactly what's offered in this issue…
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InfoLetter #5 - Good Health is Real Wealth
Turning On The Sprinklers
By Carolyn Dean M.D., N.D.
Over a decade ago I viewed with amazement a published study reporting that the previous year the American public had spent $27 billion dollars on natural medicines, foods, vitamins, minerals, teas, herbs, etc. And this enormous sum had been expended in a great majority of cases without any professional guidance whatsoever in what to buy and how to use it. This indicated to me that people in general were attempting to improve or maintain their health by their own means – like many of us have done, reading what we can find on the subject, then choosing those available products that seem to be indicated for our problem...
By Debbie Sarfati H.H.C.
How many times do you chew each bite of food? Technically called mastication, chewing is the first step in the digestive process. Most people think digestion begins in the stomach, but it actually starts in your mouth. Your saliva produces an enzyme called amylase, which starts to break down the simple starches in your food. The more you chew, the more efficient this part of digestion is. Saliva also is antibacterial and so chewing helps to “clean” the food before it enters the stomach...
Spiritual Healing
By Jini Patel Thompson
What exactly is it that allows some people to be miraculously healed and others not? And if we want to experience miraculous, effortless healing, is there anything we can do to increase the likelihood of that happening?...
Power-packed Summer Berry Smoothie
By Lisa Marie Battacharya R.H.N.
This smoothie is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, fibre, healthy fat, protein and no refined sugar whatsoever!
Hung up on Cell Phones?
By Michelle Hancock
Viewers of the Larry King Live show got quite an eye-opener on the potential health effects of cell phones during the May 27, 2008 broadcast. The show, sparked by recent controversy about the relationship between cellular devices and brain tumors, featured prominent doctors and researchers who debated the issue. After the show, an online poll revealed that over 80 percent of viewers believed cell phones pose a danger to health. One thing everybody could likely agree with is that not enough of us read cell phone product inserts, which actually advise us to hold cell phones surprisingly far from our heads—six to seven inches!
How Long Is Healing Going To Take?
By Nicole Paull
One of the most common questions I’m asked - and one of the hardest to answer - is how long should I expect healing to take? I thoroughly understand the emotion that goes into a question like this. For one thing, dis-ease affects your entire life - your ability to earn a living, care for your family, take a vacation and so on. At the same time that your earning potential may be affected, if you’re pursuing natural healing protocols, you’re facing additional financial pressures because whatever health coverage you have probably isn’t covering much - if anything - of what you’re doing...
Stop Beating Yourself Up!
By Tom Robinson M.A.
Having coached people with chronic illnesses for the past five years, I’ve learned that many of them often feel inadequate, guilty, and beat themselves up because they can’t do all the things for the important people in their lives that they formerly could. For example, not too long ago, a woman with fibromyalgia, a painful and often debilitating chronic illness, contacted me. Amy wanted to know how she could do the housework and the many other tasks she felt she needed to do to be a good wife...

Deserving Wellness
By Annabel Fisher EFT-Advanced
Accepting who we are and how we are feeling is the first step to recovering from illness and pain. In fact, unresolved emotions, which have been stuffed down inside of us for years, could well be the trigger for the illness and pain in the first place...


InfoLetter Issue #5 - Good Health is Real Wealth


InfoLetter #5 - Good Health is Real Wealth