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InfoLetter Issue #2 - Good Health is Real Wealth
Enjoy single issues of this subscription Infoletter from LTYG Wellness Circle as various experts share their knowledge to help you with specific aspects of your Healing Journey. Read through the descriptions below to find out exactly what's offered in this issue…
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InfoLetter #2 - Good Health is Real Wealth
"Natural" Winter Skin Care? No Thanks!
By Michelle Hancock
How "natural" are the contents of your makeup case? Recent tests suggest that, advertising often to the contrary, cosmetics are holdouts in the trend towards truly organic and toxin-free products. Michelle shows you why and also how to find out the toxicity ranking of the products you're currently using.
Freedom From Chronic Pain Part 2
By Annabel Fisher
By getting clients to tune into their physical pain, and then asking a series of questions, Annabel shows how you can get to the root of your physical pain, and heal it.
Tooth Truth
By Jini Patel Thompson & Hal Huggins D.D.S.
More reasons to have your mercury fillings removed (properly) and how Vitamin B12 shots can trigger multiple sclerosis (MS).
Good Digestion Starts In The Kitchen
By Lisa Marie Battacharya, Holistic Nutritionist
Before they even get to our mouths, many of our foods need some form of pre-digestive preparation in order for us to receive adequate nourishment from them. This also ensures that they properly break down (digest), without irritating our digestive tracts and putting stress on our organs of detoxification (liver and kidneys). Lisa Marie shows you how to pre-digest your foods before cooking to maximize digestion and absorption.
Take Charge
By Tom Robinson, M.A., Life Coach
By taking charge, you can lessen the likelihood that you'll have a flare-up, lessen how often they occur, lessen their duration, and lessen the negative impact they have on your lifestyle if they do occur. Tom Robinson shows you how.
Boswellia & Berberine Fight Intestinal Inflammation
By Jennifer Mann, M.A.
Jennifer presents strong clinical research on why Berberine and Boswellia are very effective at healing intestinal inflammation. She also gives practical guidelines for usage.
What If You Can't Listen To Your Gut?
By Jini Patel Thompson
Never had much success with the "Dialoguing With Your Body" technique? Do you find it nearly impossible to listen to your gut? Here are some other things you can do to access your intuition or body wisdom easily.
When Supplements Don't Work
By Nicole Paull
What can you do when you've tried all the recommended supplements and your symptom still persists? What do you do next to uncover what's really at the root of a stubborn symptom and heal it? Nicole Paull leads the way to success.
The Right-Sized Minerals
By Carolyn Dean M.D., N.D.
Physicists tell us that the channels that allow minerals to enter our cells are 4-5 angstroms in diameter (between a nanometer and a picometer-very tiny), yet most oral mineral supplements are thousands of times larger. Obviously, this hampers absorption and utilization of the mineral. Carolyn shows you why size matters in electrolyte replacement for people with chronic diarrhea.


InfoLetter Issue #2 - Good Health is Real Wealth


InfoLetter #2 - Good Health is Real Wealth