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Stories for Kids > CDs > Murray the Shark Sleeptime Stories - Volume 4 Murray and Friends Secret Playhouse (MP3)
Murray the Shark Sleeptime Stories - Volume 4 Murray and Friends Secret Playhouse (MP3)

Murray the Shark, Odelia Octopus and Sammy Seahorse decide to search for the perfect cave to make into a playhouse. A secret playhouse, just for them. As they start looking at various caves, they realize that finding just the right one is not so easy. But with some help from Samantha Sea Turtle, a cave that meets all their expectations is found.

Now, they have to decorate it! Join Murray, Odelia and Sammy as they search the ocean for beautiful objects for their secret playhouse. More...

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Audio Sample Clip

Approximately 20-minute story with sound effects, narrated by Jini Patel Thompson and followed by 30 minutes of Cloud Wings original music by Steve Martin.
Words and Concepts Learned In This Story:
  • Fantastic, coral, gorgeous, exploring.
  • Discernment: Too big/too small/just right.
  • Planting and gardening.
  • How colors affect feelings.
  • Being creative; coming up with an idea and finding ways to implement it.
  • Each person has a unique contribution to make; different, but equally wonderful.
  • Decorating, creating a beautiful space.
  • Directions: left, right, North, 5 minutes, etc.
  • Deep breathing – to calm the mind and access wisdom.
  • Phonetic pairings of names.
  • Inclusive decision making; everyone’s ideas are valued.
  • Dialogue between characters teaches children socialization skills and manners.

"The Murray the Shark CD'S where wonderful for my 4-yr-old son…very soothing and calming for both of us, and it is something we could do together...thanks!" 
Heidi R., Ontario
"My kids have such a hard time shutting off their brains at night to go to sleep. I've been looking for something to help focus their bedtime attention and help de-stress them from their day. They can't wait to go to bed tonight, so they can listen to their new stories and music. Thank you so much."
Tami H., Albuquerque
"The CD’s have been a great tool for calming the children’s minds and getting them ready for rest, and telling stories of friendships and adventures. Every day as we go to pick a CD to listen to, we get at least one request (usually more!) for “Murray The Shark” and it’s a hit with every child that comes through our doors. We’re extremely glad to have been introduced to these sleeptime stories and are looking forward to hearing more adventures from the underwater friends."
Teachers Nicole and Natalie, Hazelmere Acres Preschool & Daycare, Langley
6 volumes (Also available in 1 set of 3 CDs - Volumes 1 to 3, or the complete set of 6 MP3s).


Murray the Shark Sleeptime Stories - Volume 4 Murray and Friends Secret Playhouse (MP3)