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Jini Patel Thompson is always happy to receive questions and feedback from her readers and customers. She gets asked a lot of questions about her natural remedies for Crohn's disease, colitis, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and constipation.

She’s also often asked about her best-selling natural healing books and products, including product formulas; how best to use Absorb Plus; her 100% satisfaction guarantee, and ordering and shipping information. 

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions over the years.  If you do not find the information you are looking for at the following links (see all the links to the left - under NAVIGATE), please feel free to Contact Us and send us a note!

FissureHeal suppositories are ultra-thin (only 1/4" in diameter) for easy and comfortable insertion into even the most sore and traumatized rectum. We also made them extra-long (2") so they can reach a tear or fissure that may be high up in the rectal canal. However, if you have a tear or fissure, or hemorrhoid that's just in the anal area, you can simply break off the suppository to the desired length. This way, you can actually get 2-3 suppositories out of one 2" suppository! To break the suppositories, simply snap off a piece with your fingers at the desired length, or, cut with a sharp knife.

1.Remove one suppository from the package. Leave as is, or, break off to the desired length.

2.Slide the suppository gently into your rectum using your fingers, either sitting on the toilet, or lying down on your side in bed. Push the suppository as high as it needs to go to reach the area of your rectal fissure. If your fissure or hemorrhoid is in the immediate anal area, then insert just into, or, slightly past your anal sphincter muscle (depending on where your wound is). Also gently push hemorrhoids back up inside the rectum, prior to insertion, if possible. If your fissure is near the opening of your anus, you may get some leakage, so wear underwear, or, sleep on a 100% cotton towel or pad.

3.The tip of the suppository will begin to melt within seconds of coming into contact with your anus, thus providing lubrication for insertion. However, if you find insertion difficult, then first coat your anus and the tip of the suppository with a lubricant like Vitamin E oil (recommended), an herbal salve, or KY Jelly. Do not use Vaseline or other petroleum-based lubricants.

We recommend you insert FissureHeal just before you go to bed at night (ideally after you've emptied your bowels). This way, the healing herbs have the entire night to work undisturbed. If your anal sphincter muscle is loose, you may need to sleep on a 100% cotton towel or pad to absorb leakage. You can also use up to 5 FissureHeal suppositories during the day in addition to the night time. Do not use continuously for more than 4 months at a time, then take a break of 2-4 weeks to allow your liver time to cleanse, and then resume usage if needed.
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